Sunday, April 29, 2007

Masculine Birthday Card!

My father-in-law's birthday is today and I needed to make a card for him. The car stamp is an old one that I probably bought from Michael or Hobby Lobby. I used my Moon Glow embossing powder which has depth to it because it is "two-toned". I used my Cricut to cut the photo corners and then inked them. On the Stamp of Authenticity library card I used my new TimHoltz embossing powder. IT is different then most because it almost has a sandy appearance! I thought it needed some type of accent so I pulled this button out of my stash and added a little ribbon.

FYI: If you haven't already heard, Michaels is carrying the new Martha Stewart line...which of course I had to buy some of her paper. When I went up to the line to pay, I showed the check-out girl my coupon, and she proceeded to tell me that they can't use the 40% off coupon on her products, because Martha Stewart doesn't want that. I really hate that woman! I guess her billion dollar industry isn't enough! So ladies no 40% coupon on Martha Stewart items! : (


Anonymous said...

very pretty... or as my 5 year old would say.... very handsome! if i'm commenting on any kind of boy, or boy thing and say cute or pretty he tells me, " no mom it's handsome! " wow you're the second person to say that you can't use a coupon on martha stewart stuff.

Anonymous said...

Michele, what a great card! Very masuline and very gorgeous!!!!

Didn't get to go swimming today. :(
My fifth grader's study group took too long! Bummer!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Vintage is my favorite style and this beautiful card is no exception!

Jennifer said...

This is a beautiful card! I had to do a double take, cuz that car looked like it was lifted off the page. Awesome effect!

I read that on the bottom of the coupon about it excluding her products. Really annoyed me too. But I haven't made an effort to go look at the new stuff.