Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mother's Day Pictures!

As some of you know I am fortunate to have many mothers and 2 grandmothers. I have a Mom, Mom-in-law, a step-mom, my grandma and my husband's grandma. My Mother's Day started on Saturday where I celebrated my Step-mom's birthday/Mother's Day. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera, so I have no pics of her and I. This morning we stopped at my husband's Grandma's house and brought her a coffee cake and one of the shadow box frames of my kids pics. (posted up at the top) She was waaaaay more excited about the coffee cake! She very proudly told us that the last cake we brought she ate ALL BY HERSELF! She is 87 and still kicks butt! She is amazing!

Then we went to my Mom-in-Law's house and had coffee with her. Her and I exchanged scrapbook/card stuff! And I made her one of the shadow box frames of my kids! OF course she was teasing me because I put my kid's pics in upside down in the frame from where the hanger is on the back. I will have to get an easel for her....since she can't hang it! Too bad she isn't a bat.....OK really BAD humor!

Our last stop was at my Grandma's house where I met my mom and my sister from out of state. My Grandma is also 87. She was happy to see all of us! I think we tired her out though because my nephew is almost 2 and all over the place.... and then there's my kids! She suffers from Alzheimer's and sometimes the visits can be difficult. This one was a good one though! She was doing pretty well and was in good spirits! But I think when we were ready to go home she was glad to have her peaceful house back!

It was a busy day.....but glad to be able to see everyone!


Bevie Pearl said...

Your family pictures are just awesome. Thanks for sharing them on your blog.
That nephew looks like Mr. Full of Fun and Energy!!
Your son looks so comfy with his grandma. (My son loves his grandma too!!)
Your daughter has the cutest hair style!!It fits her to a T!!
What a wonderful day for you!!
Can't wait to see you scrapbook these pages!!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny that you say that about Gram. She did the same thing with the lemon pie I brought her on her B-day. She said she had one piece a day until it was gone. lol. By the way please forgive me I never said Happy Mother's Day! Soounds like you had a wonderful day.

Rose Ann said...

You have a beautiful family! Your kids are adorable! Thank you for sharing your pictures!

Unknown said...

Look at all those great pictures!
Happy Mom's day, looks like it was great.

Unknown said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing! Adorable children!!