Saturday, July 21, 2007


I am not even sure where to begin! I met the most amazing women at the CHA. I have admired their work on the blogs and I got to meet them in person! I finally got to meet Bevie, aka, Bevie Pearl! She is darling! The sweetest woman...she is pictured with Lisa Johnson on the left. Who by the way is a hoot! And of course talented! The group included many Splitcoast ladies, as well as some bloggers. Joy and Daisy from Eclectic Paperie were there, along with Taylor and Pine. It was so nice to get a chance to talk with them and get to know them a little bit better!

I also got to meet Lisa Zappa over at ShabbyChicJunk. She was working the Crafty Secrets booth! She is the cutest thing! She is so funny and such a warm person! I am so happy I got to meet her! I was excited to see Tim Holtz there. Ranger has a new line of Crackle cool!
I also got a chance to meet Ellen Hutson, Trudee Sauer, Karen Lockhart, and Michelle Wooderson! I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!

I was super excited to meet Simone over at Daily Dose of Spazz. She is so funny! She is as sweet in person as she is on her blog! I can't believe we actually met up in that huge building! I also met Brenda Arnell from Creating Keepsakes. She is very friendly! I also stalked Elsie Flannigan.....I so admire her work. I went up to her like 3 times and finally mustered up the courage to ask her for a picture! She probably thought I was a head case!

And here is Bev and I again, did I mention I was ecstatic to meet her? She is the sweetest! And one last pic of the whole group! I am honored to have been in their company! They were so sweet to include the "newbie!" Joy and Daisy, Thank you! I had a great time!
I will post some product pics tomorrow! I had 52 in all and it took a long time to upload just these!


emilia in Taiwan said...

Wow! Reading this make me so happy! I may not be so familiar with the loop but several of them are definitely stars!
Can't wait to see the product post!!

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

So funny as I was blog hopping and I came across your blog and then it dawned on me that it was Bev in the pic....hey I know Bev...duh!!! Great fun pics! And you are right...Bev is a totally sweetie.

Rose Ann said...

Thank you for sharing all your fun and excitement! I can't wait to hear more. ;)

Corie said...

WOW, lucky you -- meeting all the Stampin' Royality. (You are definitely worthy BTW)

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!!

Marlou McAlees said...

wow you lucky thing, what a great place to be!!! I would be on a high if i was there enjoy!! x

Mrs. Nancy G said...

OH WOW!!! Thanks for sharing all the photos and for your write up! I feel like I could almost be there with you all!


Unknown said...

Wow, you met Lisa Johnson, I think I woulda stood extra close to her to try and absorb some of her talent! lol
Chat soon, when I get caught up from 2 days at CHA!

Trudee said...

Of COURSE you are worthy you silly :) It was so nice to meet you in person, Michele! You are a sweetie!