Friday, August 5, 2011

JustRite Crafting for a Cause!

Good morning and happy Friday to you! I have a very special post today. JustRite has come out with two wonderful sets that support the people you love fighting cancer. Cancer is one of those diseases that doesn't discriminate, it affects everyone.....young, old, male, female, rich, poor, it isn't picky. And I think it is pretty safe to say that somewhere along our lives we are affected by this terrible disease. I've had two grandparents and a coworker lose their battle to cancer.

To show your support to those fighting the battle as well as their families, JustRite has come out with two sets called Strength and Courage and Be Strong. Today I am using Strength and Courage.

The ribbons can be personalized so you can support the cause that is dear to you.
My card today is in support of breast cancer. My Gram died from this terrible disease many years ago. I was only 9 at the time of her death and didn't fully comprehend at the time what she had gone through, or the battle she had fought. I do remember my dad though, sobbing over the loss of his mother. I remember because my dad doesn't cry.
Amy Tedder, illustrator and graphic designer for JustRite Stamps, is celebrating 6 years of being ovarian cancer free! Ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest cancers because it can go unnoticed for years. Amy's only symptom was that she felt tired. But she also has 3 children, so she shrugged it off as being a busy mom. Her regular doctor found her cancer and referred her to an oncologist.

Today, we need to encourage all the women we know and love to go for their yearly check ups. If there is any kind of family cancer they need to insist on having the lab work done. I am finding that each woman has to be her own advocate. No one else will automatically do it for us. We have to schedule the appointments, WE have to request the tests, WE have to look for ways to protect our own health and take time to take care of ourselves. Just make your appointment and make your mother, sisters and friends schedule their appointments!

Amy said, “During my cancer recovery I was blessed to receive cards and notes from friends to encourage me. My hope is that you will use these stamps to encourage your loved ones that are the care givers or are fighting cancer. “

JustRite Crafting For a Cause
In an effort to find an early diagnostic test or screening tool for Ovarian Cancer, JustRite Crafting For a Cause will donate 20% of the sales from Be Strong and Strength and Courage in 2011 to Ovarian Cancer Research. To learn more about the symptoms of this “silent killer “ visit

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Becky said...

Beautiful card, lovely details.

Anonymous said...


marilynwillauer said...

WOW!!! What an amazing card! Love all your embellishments. Amy Tedder love your new stamp designs, your strength, and courage. Heres to many more years of designing!

Luv 2 Create said...

This is such a gorgeous set and for a wonderful cause. Your card is beautiful.

Sonia said...

I love your card. I like to do layers myself and the lace sets the layers off nicely.

Amy E said...

A cause close to my heart. Once again Michele, thank you for all you're doing to help!

And your card is extraordinary!

Amy E.

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Thank you for your post. It is beautifully written and your card is perfect. The stamps are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Sherri said...

Beautiful card. It really showcases this new stamp set that will be going on my wish list.


bonnie said...

Beautiful card sweetie, this is truly a wonderful set, I lost my dad to cancer and my mum is in remission from Breast Cancer, my neighbours both side of me have's just everywhere, such a greaset for a great cause! TFS! ;) Hugs x