Thursday, July 19, 2012

CHA Sneaks Day Two!

Good morning to you! I have more CHA sneaks! I got a bit tired of editing I will post the rest of the pics tomorrow. I didn't hit every booth....but I tried to get around to as many of them as I could! I hope you enjoy seeing everything! ; )

Many of the projects featured are by a very talented artist, Lucy, from Craftberry Bush! Love her work!

I bumped into Dina Wakley.....such a talented gal!!! She is incredibly sweet in person!
I have been a lucky, lucky girl this has been a very happy whirlwind.  Now it's back to reality for me.....laundry, flooding in basement....worrying about what to make for dinner...*sigh*
Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!


Debby said...

I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. So many neat ideas. I think I may have to start drinking wine to make Jilly Bean's Christmas Tree, hah.
Keep posting.
Sorry about the basement. We got a tiny bit of rain yesterday. Seems to be raining buckets in some areas.

Nadia ( said...

Yikes-- flooded basement!

Thanks for the peeks! Fun stuff!

Rhonda Z said...

Thanks for sharing your photos. Always enjoy your blog!

cdm317 said...

Thanks for the super pics! I am drooling at the CHA peeks you gave us! Thanks for doing this! Hope everything dries up quickly at home!

Rea' said...

You rock Michele ! Great pics ooo I'm so excited... like a little kid... oooo.... aaah ...!!

Craftberry Bush said...

How dreamy...thanks for taking us there...and thanks for stopping by the Canvas Corp booth...xo

Darlene said...

AWESOME photos Michelle! You lucky girl ... going to CHA! Bet your head is in a whirl with all the new products! I can only imagine what FABULOUS creations you'll be coming out with!
Glad your home safe & sound ... I'm sure you were missed!
Thanks for sharing such awesome inspirations. HUGS from OHIO