Monday, July 16, 2012

New Release by Provo Craft!

About this time, school ideas start to slowly seep into my brain....kind of a nagging that tells me I need to start preparing for the new school year. So when Provo Craft came out with a brand new August-September Classroom Cricut Craft room Exclusive, I thought I'd get a jump on some school stuff that needs to be done. Our school, like many, has an open house at the beginning of the year.  My parents needs to sign up for their parent teacher conferences at that time.  I usually just have a piece of construction paper telling them to sign
up....but that is not very pretty. I'm a crafter.....everything must be pretty! ; )

So now I have this "pretty" lil' sign to tell the parents they need to sign up for those conferences!

My classroom is set up so the kids sit in groups of 4-5.  I like to have a community pencil holder in the center of their table.  It is a great place to refresh the pencils that are so often lost on the floor.  It gives the custodian a place to put all "lost" pencils as well.  My groups are assigned a number. and that is how they are dismissed for various activities throughout the day. I recycled a couple of green bean cans and did add a piece of felt at the tops to cover any sharp edges.  
If you would like to see what else PC has that is being released today be sure to visit the Cricut Blog!  There you will also find the cut info for my projects today!

On a totally separate note, Cortney and I, and many other beautiful children are being featured in the Chicago Special Parent Magazine.  I mentioned in the past that a remarkable mom named Katie, has a mission to change how society looks at our children.  She is photographing our kids and advocating on their behalf.  My Cortney has another modeling job because of Katie. It is amazing the people you meet in this journey we call life. And as much as we hear about the bad, the negative, and the ugly in our society....there are still beautiful, generous people out there. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with many of them. 
Have a wonderful day my friends!  Thank you as always....for sharing this journey with me!


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Your classroom is going to look GREAT! Love the magazine layout too...really, really fantastic!

Theresa said...

Hi Michele, thanks for the info on PC and the new exclusive. I too decorate my room like you, I use juice cans!! Thanks for the great idea to sign up for P/T conferences. You're brave - using mechanical pencils!!

I love your projects - and I'm going straight to the craft room for a look. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Regina said...

Love that you do great things for your classroom. I was an aide in the classrooms and loved to do things like that. Makes the class so much more interesting.
Love the picture of courtney. She is beautiful! Enjoy the day. Regina

In My Craft Room said...

Love it!

Amy Johnson said...

I absolutely love the projects you made for your classroom. So bright and cheerful.

Beautiful magazine spread too!

Creative M said...

This is SUPER AWESOME!!!The classrrom decor is Great!Love all of the ideas!