Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Copic Tutorial

Good morning friends!
I have one more Copic/die cut tutorial for you today. :)  This time I used a pineapple cut.  
Once again, it looks okay just like this, but to me it looks a bit "flat" and a tad boring.  So I am going to show you how I took this pineapple to the next level.  
These are all of the Copics I used. 
As I stated in my tutorial earlier this week, I usually start with my darkest color. 
I outline the perimeter of the die cut. 
I then take my medium green.....
.....and start "dragging" my darker color in towards the center. 
I take my lightest color next. 
I finish "dragging" my two other greens towards the center.  
The top of the pineapple was where my "sun" was shining, so I left the top very light. 
I love adding a bit of brown ink to the edges as a finishing touch. 
Now for the pineapple itself.....start once again with the darkest color. 
And again, outline the perimeter. 
Take your medium color next. 
And again "drag" the darker color in towards the center. 
And finish it off with your lightest color.
I again did the same thing for the brown die cut. 
And here is my final product!  
I hope you are inspired to use your Copics if you aren't already, on your die cuts.  :)
I am a gal of few words today.....I've gotta run, but will be back tomorrow!
Have a great Thursday! Stay cool!


Life and Knits said...

Michele, from wow to WOWIE!!! Love the tutorials. I'm going to give this a try. Wish me luck!


Crystal said...

Michele girl you are sooooo creative these are fabulous!!!!! Love those pineapples!!

byAnnette said...

Adding the Copics, add so much to the image