Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lemon Tree

This is the first summer in a long time I can remember having down time.  I have scaled back my DT's and have had much more time to spend with my kids and have a bit of fun in my craft room.  I love not having as many deadlines and pressure to get things done.  It makes creating more fun.....a bit less like a job. :) 
I had colored numerous images from Crafty Secrets while sitting outside on my deck.  I am finally putting them into cards.  The image is from Garden Memories and was colored with my Inktense Pencils.  I love how vibrant the colors get, especially the wooden bucket. 
The easel card is a cut from Silhouette. I added Stickles on the leaves, lemons, and the perimeter of the image, for a bit of sparkle. 
I added a bit of moss to the bottom for a textural element. 
I have made the decision after talking to Cort's doctor and numerous other people, to put Cortney on a trial gluten free diet.  She has had problems with her GI tract since she was a toddler.  In kids with CP this is common, and I think we had accepted it as "normal" for her.  But when she is in pain and she cries, that it can't be "normal."  I have had issues with her eating since infancy.  We used to distract her with singing, and had to hide things in mashed potatoes to get her to eat things.  Eventually she was able to independently eat a soft "chopped" diet.  But one thing she would not eat is fruit.  I would still have to hide it in oatmeal, or pudding etc.  Which meant that she really wasn't getting enough fruit in her diet. 
So in addition to gluten free, I've increased her fruit and veggie intake.  It started out with bribery.  If she ate a blueberry, she would get something she liked.  (Like a bite of her waffle) She learned that every other bite had to be a blueberry.  Now she is eating them without bribery. Without hiding them. Without singing to her. 
I think, "Why didn't I try this years ago?"
I already see a difference.
She is much happier, much more talkative, and much more comfortable.
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I love reading what everyone is up to in their crafty world!
Have a beautiful day!


Life and Knits said...

So glad the fruit is working for Courtney. Love your card, all the details makes it so beautiful. Hi Michele, I can totally relate to the scaling back thing.

Enjoy your day!!


snappy scrappy said...


Debby said...

I am gluten free. My suggestion is to try UDI products for pizza, bread and other things. Glad she is eating the blueberries. Does she like yogurt. I am thinking the probotic kind might help with her tummy.

Crystal said...

This is Gorgeous!!!!

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Co. said...

Fabulous card Michele, I love the sunny warm colors. I missed it and went back and added it to my post and Pintrest. You are rocking those Inktense Pencils girl! Glad to hear Courtney is feeling better!


Anonymous said...

This is a luscious project. Makes me think of lemon meringue pie. So glad the fruit helps. If she drinks juice maybe you could add fiber that way. (there must be some gluten free additives)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Your coloring always speaks to me...and the design of this card is just wonderful. What gorgeous work!

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a fabulous card Michele. Love the image, the colors... the side-step folds look awesome... great textures.

susan said...

Michelle - We recently bought a Blendtec blender and I am eating/drinking all kinds of healthy stuff - like kale and spinach etc every day. Now I know you want her to eat real food but this could be helpful for you on bumping up the fruits, vegetables, antioxidants etc

I really like your site