Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My card today is a complete 360 from my witch's boot on Monday! 
I have a variety of Heidi Swapp stencils and have been having a bit of fun playing and experimenting with them. For this card I placed the stencil on cream card stock and taped it in place with low tack artist's tape.  I grabbed a variety of inks from Papertrey and just "stamped" the ink in the various colors. The magic happens when you take the stencil off and are left with this pretty background!
And because I am the type of gal who can't leave well enough alone, I added glossy accents to all of the colored areas. It gives the colors a bit more pop and a bit of dimension as well. 
I added a glittery flower that was cut using my Silhouette and a sentiment from JustRite's Vintage Banners set. I added several sequins for a finishing touch. 
As many of you know, Cortney had a modeling shoot on Sunday.  The photographer took many, many photos, but afterwards I couldn't help taking a few of my own. 
This gal loves the camera!
I just need a company, Etsy shop.......someone to give her a chance to model for them.
I think this dream may be unattainable....unrealistic.....but for now, it is one I am trying to pursue.  
Thank you kindly for your e-mails and kind words.  It truly, truly means the world to me.
I love that this hobby has created this thoughtful and kind group of people who care and support one another.
I am truly blessed by all of you!


Margie H said...

Love the card - it's beautiful :) I hope in the near future, I will read a post that will say a certain dream came true <3 These are lovely pictures of Cort :)

Teri said...

Your card is really beautiful! I love the glossy accent areas!!!
Never give up on your dream for Courtney, you never know when something special will happen!!!

JudyG said...

Cortney is so adorable. Every time I see a picture of her I smile. Her smile is contagious and she is so cute. You're right. She should be a model.

Del Marie Riley said...

Courtney is positively radiant!! With God all things are possible. No dream should ever be deemed unrealistic and unattainable. Your card is very pretty. The glossy accents is a great idea.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful daughter, beautiful card, beautiful post.

Beautiful Beads said...

Courtney is very pretty!! Defiantly ask around magazines and such as I'm sure they would give her a few takes :) Shame I don't have my jewellery business any more as I would have loved my bohemian pieces on her! Keep it up!