Friday, October 25, 2013

Something About Fall......

With Halloween approaching next week, the time change coming soon, the colder temperatures, it can only mean one thing.......fall has definitely arrived. 
As much as I love summer, there is something about fall that I absolutely love.
There is a coziness to this time of year. 
I concentrate more on my house.....almost like an expectant mother who is "nesting." 
I relish my big bulky sweaters and my cups of coffee.
I love the smell of the furnace when it kicks on for the first time all season. 
My crafts start to gear now towards the holidays.
Halloween for me becomes the "kick off" to the holidays.
Such a fun time of year!
I know some may ask how this card was made.
 It was cut with the Cricut machine.
But I made it about a year ago and never posted it here. So ask me if I remember what cartridge I used.
Because this forgetful lady can't remember. ;) 
But hopefully you can still be inspired by it....
I am batting a thousand this week....
No giveaway yet...
Can't remember the name of the cartridge I used....
Good thing it is Friday! 
Thanks for putting up with my nonsense! 


Regina said...

Love the card. Looks like the card on the Thanksgiving cart. I love the shape of the card and made a few of them in the past. Have a fun weekend.

Teri said...

This is beautiful!! I love Fall cards!!! Love the shape and oh those bits of lace... so gorgeous!!! Beautiful!

Beth F. said...

What a gorgeous card! I love it!

Sonya said... the shape!

Stef H said...

absolutely gorgeous! my favorite time of year too. i just love when i'm out in the yard, it smells spicy! mmmmm...

hope all is good.

hugs :)