Friday, January 31, 2014

Girly Girl and Advice Needed!

Although really, I shouldn't complain seeing as how I only had a 3 day work week. ;)
 But weekends are good too. 
Especially when we will celebrating a certain someone's 17th birthday.
So tomorrow we take Kyle out for his birthday a few days early.  Just the 3 of us.  It is the one day a year we leave Cort behind with a babysitter. 

In the meantime I have a scrappy page that was published last year in Cricut Magazine.  It is my super cute niece, Katie. And yes, the title says it all.
She is a girly girl!
I used my Cricut Expression and cut the background using the Cindy Loo cartridge.  I love the tone on tone background.  It gives it a bit of interest without overpowering the photos. 
I used Make up Party for the nail polish, crown, and mirror. I swiped the edges with a bit of white ink
I used Kate's ABC's to cut the title.  When I first adhered it to the LO it seemed to be getting lost, so I took a pen and outlined it.  It made it pop a bit more and was easier to see!
As many of you know this crazy mama has been trying to get Cortney into some type of modeling.  It is a hard industry normally, much less trying to get a child with special needs in. 
I am thinking of starting a Facebook page just for her. 
But then I worry about creepy people....but then I think she also could use the exposure. 
I am still contacting companies frequently......
I am still acting as her "agent," but I need help.
So what do you think......should I start a Facebook page just for her? 
Here is her latest photo.......
If you know an Etsy shop owner, or if you have any outside connections to a modeling agency,  clothing company, or make up company, and would be willing to pull a few strings for this gal...her and I would be so grateful! ( I know I am reaching a bit....but desperation will do that to a mom!) ;)
The world is a small place and maybe just maybe the "right" person will 
see her cute face and take a chance on her!

Have a great weekend my friends!
Next week is going to be a busy one! All new JustRite stamps being released and Crafty Secret's Linky Party!


Paula said...

That photo of your daughter Courtney is gorgeous. Your daughter should definitely be a model. I don't have any connections to recommend her to, but I wanted to let you know I think you should do whatever you can to try to make it happen for her.

~amy~ said...

fabulous layout and Cortney is such a Gorgeous Girl!

Teri said...

Wonderful layout! I so wish I had some kind of connections for you!! That picture is fabulous!! I would think there would be a company who would love to have her as a model!!!! Just think what that would mean to thousands of special needs people all over the world!!! I think you should contact Oprah, or the Today show... you never know!!!!!
Many hugs,

Bonjourscrap said...

Great layout ! And the picture of your daughter is amazing ! Those smile and eyes need to be seen !
there is agency for every style of people, I'm sure you can find the right one for your daughter.

Rockin Robin said...

She's more than super cute. ..she deserves to be noticed. You 2 are inspirational! Sending prayers for success! Yes to the FB page! YOU can monitor that closely. Hoping for the best. Rockin Robin.

Melissa said...

Lovely page and picture of your gal too. I vote for the FB page.

reeree62 said...

Hi Michele,
I honestly think FB page would be great! I run a page for my community, "Middleboro Helping Middleboro". I started it a year ago, completely blind. I had no idea that a year later, there would be nearly 4,000 members! It's truly a part-time job for me! Luckily, I'm not working at all right now.
It's not difficult to manage, and easy to filter out the bad-guys from the good.
Hey, if it doesn't work out...all you have to do is delete the whole page and you're done! Good luck, and would love to see it. Your daughter is so beautiful, such an inspiration!!