Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fiera Fashions

Good morning! I apologize for not having anything crafty to share with I know that is the main reason you gals pay me a visit. ;)
 But this week has been such a fun week filled with modeling for Cortney! She had the opportunity to model some beautiful jewelry created by the talented Rebecca Fontes.  She has an Etsy shop called Fiera Fashions. 
I feel a sort of kinship to her because she has a child with Cerebral Palsy too.  She knows what it's like to have dreams for your child that you often don't think will in a million years happen.  And then something special does happen....and it's recognized by lots and lots of people. 
She was one of the first people to offer to help Cort realize her dream. 
I love the earth tones and bit of turquoise in these pieces.  So pretty!
I will have something crafty to share with you soon....I promise!  
Life has a way of taking a detour once in awhile....and while I am on this journey, I want to enjoy it because one never knows how long it will last. 


Sonya said...

Those are beautiful pieces and your lovely daughter shows them off so well! So happy for you all!

Birgit said...

Great pictures of Cortney and lovely jewelry too! Looks like she's really enjoying her new job! ~ Birgit

Teri said...

As much as we love your gorgeous creations, we adore hearing about the wonderful things happening with your family! I'm so excited for Cortney, and the pictures are gorgeous! I love the one where she is wearing the turquoise necklace... she looks so happy!
Enjoy the journey!!!

Teri said...

okay, duh... they both are her in the turquoise necklace, it's the bottom picture... something about it just seems to capture a happiness!!!!!

Melissa said...

So lovely!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

This is such a wonderful opportunity for both of you! Enjoy it!!!

Pam said...

So happy for Cort and you!

nattyboots said...

Courtney has such a contagious smile i always find myself smiling back at her ,Courtney models the jewelry beautifully well done that girl !

Elaine H X

ScrappyHorses said...

I love all your creations; but of them all, I enjoy seeing your lovely daughter! She sparkles in her pics. Obviously the combination of a great photographer and a beautiful model! Great work, Ladies!