Friday, August 8, 2014


I have always been a girl who loves images. I love photography and have been fascinated with it since I can remember.  I think that is why I love Pinterest so much.  Yes, I love the content that is there, but more importantly, I am interested in how things were staged and then photographed! From food, clothing, animals, whatever the subject is.  I think it has helped improve my photography skills.  So I have been practicing on anything that doesn't fight back.  My poor pups are defenseless against the Nikon.  (And a yummy dog treat!)  

Flowers are another obvious choice. My son and I took a bike ride recently with camera in tow.  He was very patient as I took pictures from every possible angle.  

In 2014, this is what teens do when their moms are busy taking photos of flowers.  ;)
He usually hates his picture being taken, but a little bribery and I was able to get one shot!

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Have a great day my friends! Off to take Cortney for her school physical and shots today! Woo to the hoo! 


~Tammy~ said...

Beautiful Michelle!

Kathy G. said...

Love your photos. I'm chuckling because I see so many similarities in our lives, right down to the cavalier. Yes I have a blenheim named "Bailey". I also have an 11 year old son who is already busy on his cell phone. Anyway, the flowers look great. I love the photo of your son (doesn't look 'staged'). Great job.

Kathy G. said...

Oh forgot to tell you that I am now following you on Pinterest. I too am on under my name.