Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tour of my (Almost Clean) Craft Room!

I just posted some pics to FB of my room "before" I cleaned it.  (You can click HERE if curiosity is killing you!)  Let me tell you, it was NOT a pretty sight! It took me almost 4 straight days of not eating, not showering, not taking care of my kids, and neglecting most household responsibilities.  (Okay, I might be exaggerating a teeny weeny bit), but it took A LOT of time to purge, organize, and clean! 
When you craft like a tornado like me, messes are inevitable. The problem is, I never, ever, seem to clean up! I think I was heading towards an episode of hoarders! ;)

This is my main desk.  The items I use frequently are left out so I can grab them quickly.  I like being able to see everything.  (Which could be part of my problem!) 
Michele Kovack Craft Room
I took the time to organize my drawers.  This is my sewing drawer, all neat and pretty. And now there aren't any stale Doritos or a random Swedish Fish in there.  (Don't ask)
I have lots and lots of glitter.  (I have lots and lots of EVERYTHING) But I use glitter ALL the time, so I leave it out for easy access right above my desk. Plus it looks pretty sitting there in all of its sparkly glory. 
Moving down a bit is my little TV, my sewing machine, and my die cut machines.  All of my drawers are filled with buttons, stickers, vintage papers, brads, and many other misc. items.
Michele Kovack Craft Room
As you walk to the left you will see where I store my card stock.  I also have organizers above my couch with ribbon, embossing powders, sprays, paints, and yes.....MORE glitter!
And speaking of the couch....I really want to get rid of it for more cabinets, but the hubby has no idea how we will get it out of the room.  I personally wouldn't mind just taking a sledgehammer and taking it out in pieces, but he thought that was crazy.
Crazy? Maybe.
But this girl needs more storage.
If you are standing where the die cut table is, this would be your view.  I have a closet that is filled with MORE crafty supplies. And no, I didn't take a picture.  But I should have, because I cleaned that too.  It contains lots and lots of ribbon, 12 x 12 paper, and other paraphernalia. 
I also have my manual die cut machines and dies there.   
My craft room is upstairs next to my master bedroom.  When I am sitting at my desk, it overlooks my hallway that leads to the downstairs.  
Remember I said that I have ribbon in the closet?  I have two very large drawers that have Ziploc bags of ribbon.   I separated them by color.  It's not a fancy system, but it works for me. :)  
I have a pink chandelier. Need I say more?

When I saw this pink button in the tray of cream buttons, it made me smile.
I am the pink button in a world of cream colored buttons.
Or something like that.
Well, now you know where I spend most of my evenings.
It isn't a huge craft space.
It isn't very fancy.
It isn't magazine worthy, but it is my happy place.
It is where my mind can take a breather from the craziness of life,
and It is all mine. 
And before I bagged, boxed, and threw away the extra craft supplies, I rolled around in it like they were hundred dollar bills. (Because when I think about the money I've spent.......)
Okay I didn't. 
But I thought about it.

Have a wonderful day my friends!


krista said...


Lisa Lara said...

Wowee Michele. You have an entire room all to yourself? It looks like a wonderful candy store.

Margie said...

I think it is magazine worthy! Beautiful space!

Sheila Rumney said...

What a great room to create in!!

Jan's Paper Flowers said...

I'm so jealous...that's an awesome craft room!!! Enjoy!

Susan said...

Love your glitter stash! So you!

KimCreate said...

That chandelier is to die for! Nice room.

Unknown said...

I'm a pink girl too so I totally appreciate those walls and that gorgeous chandelier. Your space is amazing Michele! Wanna come clean mine lol. :-)

KT Fit Kitty said...

I love your craftroom! I enjoyed seeing your stash of crafty stuff. I'm with you - the couch needs to go so you can have more craft storage hehehe!

Beverly S. said...

You did a great job cleaning up....I saw your before pictures. ;) You are a gal true to my heart....your craft room is a lot like mine...FULL of crafty goodness. I hear you wanting more storage but I LOVE the couch in your room. I wish I had one! Looks like the perfect place to take a "power nap" or sketch some card ideas. :) Thanks for sharing...oh and I'm amazed you did it in four days....last time I reorganized/cleaned...it took me two weeks! Ugh! ;)

ezwiefelhofer said...

It doesn't have to be fancy or even clean all the time, as long as it makes you happy and it is a beautiful space, I love pink also , but my room is yellow with a bright pink table in the middle. Happy Crafting


Regina Easter said...

I love it michele. Hugs

Melissa said...

Such a fun space! Thanks for sharing!

Studio Hello! said...

OMG! I love your room :)

Glennis F said...

OMG - I would love a room like that

Becky said...

Your space is awesome!

Unknown said...

Just love it, Michele!!! The "before" pics made me laugh! At times, I think everyone's craft room gets crazy!!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Oh, I love your room Michelle just the way it is... wish I had such a nice and clean room. Mine is all cluttered and dark.

Lisa H said...

I think it looks great! I really need to do this. It doesn't help that I share my space with WAY too many Legos – allll over the place lol

Frank George said...

Wow! Your craft room is amazing! I must say that you're rather doing well in maintaining it. That kind of cleaning business requires much meticulousness and care, since you are going around the edges and turning all the corners enough to not knock down the important supplies or leave them by the wayside. Thanks for a nice glimpse of your workshop. May you get through the cleaning business right, in ways that is environmentally sound. All the best!

Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies

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