Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Plaid

I created a Father's Day card for my hubby and decided to make my own plaid background. 
I used various widths of sticky tape.  I started with the wide strips on an angle, peeled the top off and sprinkled it with red glitter. I did the same with a slightly less wide strip next to it and sprinkled it with navy glitter.  The last layer were the trio of skinny strips.  Those were sprinkled with a lighter shade of blue. 
Created by Michele Kovack
I love this technique and think maybe I need to have a tutorial on it!  Maybe doing a girly version of it! ;) 
Created by Michele Kovack
I used a sticker from SRM for the sentiment.  Then stamped a Papertrey sentiment directly on top. For a finishing touch I added a bit of red ribbon tied with black string, and  several rhinestones. 
Created by Michele Kovack
My poor husband (I mean this quite sarcastically...he has already golfed 3 times this week) isn't able to golf today.  It has rained here so much that they won't allow carts on the course. So I guess he is stuck with me and the kids today!  On Father's Day of all days! LOL!
Good thing I bought some steaks and a bottle of wine!
Enjoy your Sunday!

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Leslie Miller said...

Michele, you are so clever and you make the most awesome cards! I had to do a little scroll back through a couple of pages so I could really enjoy them. You're so GOOD and your cards are always very uplifting. I know how you love glitter, too, and this card really puts it to good use. I also went back far enough to find out what happened to Courtney. I'm sorry to hear she's had such a hard time. Staph infections can really cause some trouble, and it sounds like she's had more than her share of it. It was so good to see your comment on my blog and I want to thank you for taking the time. I'm going to add you to Bloglovin now. Hugs and well wishes to Courtney!