Monday, January 11, 2016

Love is Sweet!

Good morning my friends!
I have a card on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog using various products!
Head on over there to learn the details of my Valentine's Day Card. :)
Created by Michele Kovack

Created by Michele Kovack

Created by Michele Kovack
We took the kiddos to a hotel for the weekend.  Kyle was heading back to college after being off for 3 weeks, so being the good sport he is, he decided to go with us.  Of course I wasn't allowed to take pictures of him, but I promise you, he was there! LOL! We ate, we bowled, we played board games in the hotel room, and of course, we swam!
Here is my very happy fish swimming her lil' heart out!
So glad she had a few hours to do what she loves. 
To feel physical freedom.
And to see her smile from ear to ear. 
Have a great day!


themachuse said...

Love that photo! The caption could be "pure joy."

TK said...

What an awesome outing for the family, and how perfect that Cortney could enjoy her freedom!!!

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, Cortney looks so happy and it makes me feel happy! Love seeing this beautiful, sweet card today, too! I love it when you stamp!

Teresa Doyle said...

How nice for you all to get away as a family! And what is it about our sons NOT wanting us to take their pics??? LOL Our daughter loves it! (Of course, it could be he takes after me and our daughter is like her Dad, when it comes to this topic??? LOL)
Glad you had some family time, making memories!

Conniecrafter said...

Such a sweet valentine!!
So glad you were all able to go together and great picture of her smile, you can just tell she was having a wonderful time!!