Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kitchen Remodel, Before and After!

Good morning!
The past few months my husband and I have been busy updating the kitchen and a few other parts to the house.  (I'll share those another day).  Our kitchen was remodeled 21 years ago, and unfortunately was getting worn and dated. 
#Kitchen #coffee bar #remodel
So what did we do exactly?  First, we painted all of the cabinets white and put handles on.
All of our floors were done in the house as well.  (Although you can't really see that in the picture.) We took the old pink, yes pink, Formica counter and back splash out and replaced it with a pretty gray quartz counter. All of the red under the counter was covered up with pretty, clean white subway tile.  (Maybe I watch a bit too much Fixer Upper and I need some ship lap somewhere too?) 
My husband thinks it's too white, but all I see is a clean, bright sunny kitchen. 
#kitchen #remodel #coffee bar
I wanted a coffee bar and decided this was the perfect corner for it.  I found this light up coffee sign from Target.  Leave it to Target to have something so darn cute! 
#kitchen #coffee bar #remodel
I think the light up cabinet with the yellow panels is going to be changed.  I think I am going to look for red fabric to put in the glass cabinets.  The rest of the kitchen is still painted a deep cranberry red.  (You can see a sliver of it in the lower left corner of the picture.....along with my dog, Myla! ;) 
What do you think? 
Too white?
#kitchen #remodel #coffee bar
Have you done any remodeling lately?  I love seeing before and after pics! Leave a comment below so I can check out your latest remodeling!


Joan B said...

it's beautiful!! painting the cabinets and changing the backsplash made such a difference. I love the yellow behind the cabinet but red would look great too. We bought a new townhouse 3 years ago and put in red glass tile backsplash. Very daring but fun. Yours is so light and bright. That corner window is gorgeous too!!

teachdanz said...

maybe some stainless steel appliances would make it feel less white :) nice work!!enjoy!!


Love your "new" kitchen!!!

Shelly said...

Looks great!! I say, you can never have too much white! Our kitchen is all white except for the countertops and I wouldn't have it any other way. ;) Though, I have been pondering the idea of SS appliances. ;)

Leslie Miller said...

I love all the white, including appliances. We've been changing a lot to white, too. Thought my hubby would object, but he finds he likes it, as well. Fabulous corner window. I like the yellow, too, being a yellow nut here. But red would also look great with your walls. We put in a white tile backsplash when we redid our kitchen years ago and love it. We have a lot of light in there. You did a fantastic job with the remodel. Pretty darn cute doggie, too! I love seeing before and afters like this and I'm so glad you shared.

flapril said...

Very nice!!! Enjoy!!!

cm said...

WOW! A gorgeous transformation! The white is wonderfully crisp and clean and pairing it with red or yellow simply adds to the impact! Good on you for tackling this reno; impressive results in every way!

reeree62 said...

Beautiful!!! So bright & cheery!

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

I love a white kitchen... Color can come in with canisters (mine are deep red) and all the show pieces that go above the cabinets. Good show...

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

I love a white kitchen... Color can come in with canisters (mine are deep red) and all the show pieces that go above the cabinets. Good show...