Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fat, Lumpy, Bumpy, Layered Card!

Good morning! 
If you are anything like me you have a messy desk.  Not just a few things out of place, but a full blown disaster! (Please tell me it's not just me?)
I have stuff from one end of my desk to the other and I decided to use as many as my scraps as I could to create something pretty.
This is it.
My hodge podge, layered, fat, lumpy Valentine card.  ;)
I layered felt, burlap, lace, a glittered Tattered Angels frame, glittered chip board heart, and felt flower......I'm tired just typing it.
The center of the flower has rolled up pom pom trim in pink and orange.  (my favorite color combo lately!)
I also added pink and white twine and an SRM sentiment to finish it off.  See the restraint I had?
And just had to share a quick picture of my girl in action! Love her shaking those pom poms for her team!  
Have a wonderful Tuesday! 
I love your visits so much! 


Bejay Roles said...

Hi, Michele,
First of all, Courtney looks fantastic, I bet she was having so much fun.
Now onto the messy desk syndrome...I suffer from it as well. This morning I had to move everything to find somewhere to put my coffee cup down lol. I'm in some kind of transition I think so there are piles of card making goodies next to piles of mixed media goodies and here are even piles of storage boxes all around my seat on the floor!!
I did manage to start making a card for a very special person when I'd cleared about a foot square on the worktop but now as I wait for everything to dry and set, that little piece of space has gone as well lol.
I adore what you made from your scraps. It's a delightful Valentine card and it's got rid of at least a little bit of your stash :).
As I'm typing this my dog is sitting next to me giving me 'the look'. I think she wants my cheese sandwich...not happening!
Good luck with sorting your desk out, you may find something in the pile that you thought you'd lost so it will be a win win situation.
Bejay xx

Leslie Miller said...

Love your sugary, sweet, lumpy, gorgeous creation! And your beautiful girl! My desk looks like an explosion occurred after making a card, but I've been tidying up after every card since I revamped my stamp room. Sometimes I have to tidy up in-between, too. When I can't find something that's in plain sight, it's time.

snappy scrappy said...

So pretty!

TK said...

I can honestly say I never thought I'd say this but.... what a great, fat, lumpy, bumpy! well card, that is! LOL
Beautiful girl!

Donna Nuce said...

You are not the only one with a messy desk. I always felt that those little extras on the desk are a source of inspiration! Looks like it worked quite well for your card. Cute picture of your girl - she's such a sweetie!

Charlotte Zweigoron said...

What Leslie Miller said... Yep, it must be time for me to clear up the desk, too. I'll give this idea a try. Mainly 'cause I love what you did with it..!