Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Card & Thoughts on "blog candy"

It is 11:00 PM Sunday night and I should be going to bed, but my head is racing with all that I have to do the next few days! Overwhelming really. I teach 5th grade and have grades to do, report cards to finish and lesson plans to complete. So even though I am tired, I am wound up!! So instead of doing work I am tapping into my creative side (see how I justify NOT doing work? LOL!) and made a few cards. This was a spring card I played around with. I wasted some paper on this card because it took awhile until I was happy with the composition. That's what I seem to struggle with the most...composition. Please share your comments and thoughts about the "blog candy." It seems most bloggers offer this...which I like when I go on someone else's blog. I noticed Trudee is offering blog candy (Which by the way, I hope I win!)for celebrating her first week in the blogging world. Maybe I need to do this....could be fun! I'll have to give it some thought:) Let me know what ya think!


Kelly A. Battles said...

I'm all for blog candy -- as you know! I actually wasn't sure if I would do this or not either. You know, you start something now and then you have to keep up with it. BUT, I know that I really enjoy trying to win it on others' blogs, so I leaned in that direction.

So, I'm doing it. Sometimes I think I'll offer it for a certain # of hits, other times, I think I'll just offer it at random for advice. I explained my definition of blog candy on today's post. (And I posted a pic of my blog candy!)

All that said, though, I don't believe it's absolutely imperative that a blogger offer it.

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

I enjoyed looking through your blog. I am a teacher too and i have a pug. I added you to my google reader and look forward to "getting to know you" through your blg. I haven't posted in awhile I better get busy!

I don't think I have enough people that look at my blog to offer candy. I have thought about it but it seems like a publicity stunt and I have to examine my motives if I'm gonna do that. But, we'll see. I have won a couple of times and it is definately a fun thing.

Have a great week!

Bevie Pearl said...

I think Blog candy is is also fun to see what kind of questions that everyone answers in order to qualify to be picked.(If that is the route taken.) I am new to this blogging I think it is a personal decision of the blogger. Whatever you decide..I am sure glad that I found your blog and am enjoying what you are creating!!

Tracy.H said...

Blog candy is definitely fun...but do not feel pressured into following the crowd! Have fun with it.

I love your blog. Especially your spring card a few posts ago. Very pretty.