Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Everything!

I have a card to share today that I created over the summer with some left over pieces from my Silhouette.  I have quite a collection of "extra" pieces, and I don't have the heart to throw them away!  
So everything you so here was from the Silhouette.  I  used a sentiment from Kimberly's  My Craft Spot stamps .  
I added a bit of black Flower Soft to the center of the daisy.  
The human heart is strange. It is amazing how you can feel happy and sad all at the same time.
This weekend, for the first time in 18 years, my gal spent the night away from us.
We have had her on a list for a place in Illinois called Misericordia.  It is a home for disabled adults and children.  Now if you don't live in Illinois, you might think that it is a typical state funded group home.  
Let me assure you it is not.
It is the Cadillac of group homes. 
It is beautiful, well run, and has the most loving staff I have ever known!
With that said, it still tore my heart out to leave my baby girl there.
I absolutely know she is in good hands.
I know this is going to be the best place for her someday.
To be independent, engaged, happy.......
But as her mama, it was difficult. 
I can't imagine what I will feel when it is more than just a weekend someday.
This was just a chance for her to get to know them.
For them to get to know her.
And for them to fall in love with this happy,
sweet, loving little girl.
As we have....... 
It is always hard to let your children grow up and become independent, but even harder for us moms who have special children.
But I know that it will be the best thing for her. 
She is social, active, and loves making new friends. Her world needs more than me to be happy.
Being a parent is tough.

Thank you for your kind e-mails and such....
IT truly helps!


Debby said...

First of all the card is beautiful. I love all the layers.
I know that you have mentioned this home before. I can't tell you how glad that I am that you are doing this. It is hard to let go and I agree even more with a special needs child. I have one as well. Mine lives on his own just minutes from us. We talk or see him everyday. He is very mobile but we worry so much about bad decisions on his part. I can't tell you enough that this will be the best situation as Cort gets older. (((((HUGS))))

Teri said...

I am a new follower to your blog, and love, love everything you do. This card is certainly no exception. But I wanted to say that it is your strength and love of your family that really drew me to your blog when I found it! What a special family your daughter was chosen to live in! I'm sure as she gets more and more independent that you will feel a "little" more at ease, but I can just imagine the "panic" feeling!!! You'll do great, Mom and so will your darling daughter!!!

Donna Nuce said...

Hi Michelle. I have been following your blog and wanted to let you know I have enjoyed your writing about your special needs daughter. She is a beautiful girl. Yes being a mom is hard! 3 weeks ago my daughter moved out of my house and into her new house with her fiancee. She is my only child and I have had a few sniffle moments since she has been gone. We want them to grow up and be independent but it is hard on us when they do! Your card is gorgeous. Enjoy the fact that you did a great job raising her!

Anonymous said...

Love the card. Fabulous layers.
Being a mom can be the best and the hardest thing we ever do. But that's why we're moms. We do what needs to be done for our kids.
Courtney is blessed because you had the guts to do what she needs.
Bless you both.

Sara Andrews said...

Why, oh why do they have to grow up? I will be thinking of you both.

~amy~ said...

I've been thinking of you alot this're such a terrific mom and I just wanted to pop by and tell you that:) Such strength and love you have...

awesome pics of your girl and of course your card is fantabulous.

Rachel said...

You are both truly blessed. Remember you never know how strong you are until being strong is all you can do. You have given Cort so much and this is just a continuation. Best to all of you!

vdoyle8 said...

Tears in my eyes as I write -- I don't have any words except to say I totally agree - it is not easy letting your kids go...

Melissa said...

First.. love the card. I have that file but LOVE how you made yours. Great idea to have some trial time for your daughter at her new place. Wish her the best :)

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Michelle--I work at a church with a preschool. They just started back a few weeks ago. When I asked the director if she had anything for the church bulletin and newsletter she said, "yes. Please say that this year is off to a great start. It's week three and the PARENTS have stopped crying!" Gotta laugh. I know this is tough on you--but you have done an awesome job with Cort to get her to where she is today. I have a dear friend whose daughter has Downs, they laugh that she will be the one out on her own long before her brothers and probably taking care of them instead of them her. Thank God---for parents like you, for a society that has started embracing these awesome kids. Hang in there! Blessings, Sharon

marymaci said...

You are such a good mom, Michelle. It must have been so different for you, who must always be aware, to remember your baby is safe with another loving family that weekend. You are all in my prayers.
Love your card. Love your work, Michelle!

tigerlille said...

Your daughter is beautiful. What an open hard she has. My girl is 14 and I am dreading the inevitable in 4 years... I am glad your daughter has an awesome group home, that is, a great community to join! As I am sure you realize, someday you and your husband will be gone, and you have the security of knowing that she will be safe, loved, and happy when that happens.

katemade designs said...

First of all the picture of Courtney smiling so big is absolutely beautiful. Misericordia is a fabulous place. I used to live not too far from there and met people associated with the facility. Your daughter will be in great hands.

I hear you about not being able to toss "extra" pieces. I have a drawer full and often raid it to make my cards. I have never made a card with as many layers as you have as well as you have. it's stunning.