Monday, September 16, 2013

Personalized Teacher Card

Since it is September, I thought I'd share a few school themed projects with you this week.  I created this personalized card for Cortney's teacher last year.  It was published in the September issue (2012) of Cricut magazine.  Since they photograph the projects so nicely, I  used their photo instead of my plain boring one. ;) The glue bottle was created using Nate's ABC's.  For many of my shaped cards I just cut the image twice.  I score the cut in back about 1/3 of the way down. Then I just glue the two pieces together at the top.  I added some fun accessories like a pencil and scissors to the top of the bottle.  :)  I added the teacher's name using my computer.  
I added a bit of twine and a few rhinestones to finish it off.  
It's another busy week seems most of my weeks are! 
Open house at my school, therapy, haircuts, drive Kyle to work.......the list goes on....
Busy is good.
Life is full. 
I like it that way. :) 
(most of the time anyway!)

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