Friday, June 12, 2015

Updated Kitchen!

Good morning! 
I am so happy that school is over and my summer vacation is starting!
I will be able to concentrate on my kiddos a bit, and accomplish some things that have been long neglected.
Like my house.
And laundry.
Lots and lots of laundry!
We were looking for an economical way to update our kitchen and decided paint was the way to go.
Our cabinets were in pretty good shape but the color wasn't really what I wanted anymore. 
So after many layers of white paint and some tarnished nickel handles......
This was the result. A much brighter, airier kitchen! 
We are headed to the doc again for Cortney's 3rd wound care appt.   I can not tell you how frustrating this whole thing has been. This poor girl has been through so much....
Please continue to pray for healing.
Thank you all so very much!


Georgiana said...

Wow! Great face lift to your kitchen.

Susan said...

Fabulous! We want to do something like this. I'll have to read more about what you did. Trying to do it on a budget.

Joan B said...

Well worth the effort. Beautiful. Best of luck with your daughter

Joan B said...

Well worth the effort. Beautiful. Best of luck with your daughter

Unknown said...

It turned out beautiful! Love the white!! Hope your daughter's wound heals. Happy summer!

Glennis F said...

Your kitchen looks fabulous - well done. Hope the wound will start to get better for Cort

vdoyle8 said...

first of all -- prayers for your daughter and your family as you face another challenge. I pray that she will soon be healed!
What a difference white paint makes!! I did this in our previous house and it helped it sell in three days. Instant update! (well, not quite instant but you know what I mean) It looks gorgeous - enjoy!

Susan said...

You've inspired me! We have a dark kitchen and this is the perfect solution. Not too expensive or too much time to do.
I love it!