Monday, March 6, 2017

Copic Perfection

I've been crafting a fairly long time. And if you were to look in my craft room, you'd think I'd been doing it for 80 years!  (Think 100 lbs of crap in a 1 lb container!) But there are so many areas I keep trying to improve in.  Copic coloring is one. So I watch videos.  Like tons of them...because I think I have a "coloring video" addiction. 
I then run up to my craft room and practice what I just learned.  In this case it was the flicking motion to create fur on this Furry Friends stamp from Avery Elle. I used several shades of gray here for this cute little pup.  
Then there is this pesky light source issue I seem to be challenged with as well.  Never quite sure if I have the dark and light areas correct.
 Then I remember that this is supposed to be fun. And really, is the recipient going to be looking for where the light source was on my card? Or how great I "flicked?" 
Well maybe...if it's a fellow crafter.  So maybe that means I only send my cards to noncrafters.  LOL!
Anyway, I was pretty happy with my little card.  I still have tons more to learn...but I think that is the fun part of it.  Always getting better...always trying new things. 
Gotta run!
Time to watch another coloring video! ;)


teachdanz said...

what a sweet card!!

Shelly said...

This is so cute!

snappy scrappy said...

Too cute!

Kim Glasgow said...

I'm a crafter and I would love to get a card like that!!! You did a beautiful job (I know I couldn't have done as good of job as you!) I play with my copics every week and struggle with fur, hair and flowers, maybe one day I will get it. I always love your creations.

JAVAGIRL said...