Monday, March 6, 2017

Egg Carton and Freebies!

Good morning my crafty friends! 
I have a giveaway for the next three days! I am giving away some sample skin care products from Rodan + Fields!
A little back story.......

I hated my skin.
I suffered from acne into my adulthood...then got wrinkles and large pores.  Oh! And a very irritated red chin on top of all that gloriousness I just mentioned! 
I spent tons and tons of money over the years and basically flushed hundreds....oh let's get real, it was probably thousands of dollars, down the toilet!
I decided to take a leap of faith last July when a friend of mine recommended Rodan + Fields.  
I was skeptical.
Very skeptical. 
But they offered a 60 day money back I figured what the heck! I might as well try this too! (At this point, I thought what do I have to lose? )
And guess what?
It worked!
I started to see clearer, acne free skin. Pores shrunk. Redness slowly disappeared from my chin. 
Wrinkles were softer, under eye bags disappeared!
THREE random strangers have commented over the past 6 months,  how beautiful my skin looks! 
Seriously! ME!? How crazy was that? 
So I did what any other smart gal would do.....I joined the business and became a consultant!
I am so excited to share this skin care with you!
Rodan + Fields has a crazy good sale until Wednesday, March 9th that combines a skin care regimen and their new product Lash Boost.  (Which is freaking awesome stuff! A swipe a night on each eye lid and you get longer, thicker, and darker lashes! See the "before and after" pics below)
If you sign up as a preferred customer, you will save an extra 10% (giving a total savings of 30%), free shipping, and THIS below! 
I have FOUR of these egg cartons to give away over the next 3 days for new customers!   Please e-mail me today for either more information, to be signed up as a preferred customer, or to join me in this wonderful, fast growing business!

Now this is really combining my two loves......crafting and skin care! ;)
Have a beautiful day my friends!

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