Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Let's Talk About my House and Manly Cards!

Okay maybe I should have entitled this, Manly Cards and My House! 
You came here for the cards (I think) so I will share that first! 
This entire week will be dedicated to the men in your life! 
I have to admit, I don't like masculine cards.
I can't add glitter.
Or flowers.
Or any of the frou frou stuff, I usually like to add.
BUT....I DO like shaped cards!
So here is one that was cut using my Silhouette. 
I layered in shades of blue and did a bit of inking in a darker blue for more depth. 
I added a sticker sentiment from SRM and a little twine bow. 
Is that allowed?
No glitter, or flowers though! 
We are making our way through the house making it our own.  My poor kid had a hot pink room when we first moved in.  It would be fine if he LIKED hot pink, but he doesn't.
So...we painted the walls a soft gray.  Kyle wanted a pop of color, so he decided on orange.
After a hundred trips to IKEA, Home Goods (my absolute favorite store!) and Amazon, we got his room together!
Love this city sky line!
He wanted a shelf to display his painted War Hammer figurines.  (Any other kid involved in War Hammer?  Or is it only my kid?)

I found this at Home Goods and thought it was a good reminder for him, for me, for all of us.

He loves maps and globes....and books.

Aren't these orange lockers the bomb? LOVE them! (IKEA!)

Stop by tomorrow for some more masculine cards and hopefully my craft room photos!


Brandi R said...

Great card and love the bedroom. Fabulous job on both ♥

loudowning54 said...

So happy to see photos of your house. Love your son’s bedroom. Cards are always inspirational.😍

Deecanta said...

OMG I love his room. What a great job!