Monday, March 26, 2007

Yea!!! My room is clean...for now:)

I did it! I did IT! My scrapbook room is clean and organized! I purged tons of old supplies, that are either going to school with me or were pitched in the garbage! Now I won't want to scrapbook for a couple of days because it's so clean. I'll get over that quickly I'm sure! Of course during the whole cleaning process I have realized that I truly have a sickness....But I keep buying more? Maybe I need to up my homeowner's insurance?


Regina Easter said...

wow i love your scrap room, awesome and your blog site looks wonderful.....thanks so much for stopping by and visiting mine...regina

Jennifer said...

Oh my! I'm drooling here! Look at all your goodies! What a wonderful space.

Oh, and now that I've had a little more time to look around, I wanted to say - you do beautiful work!

Kirsi said...

Oh well! Are you sure it's even legal to own so much supplies??? =o) I think I have just about 1/100 or less from your stash. Anyway, your room looks very nice!