Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rain or Shine..

Created by Michele Kovack
Good morning! I am up on the SRM blog today with a fun "pick me up" kind of card.
We all know that sometimes we just need someone to show they care, and a card is a perfect way to do that! 
I used Jane's Doodle's Rain or Shine set.  It was colored with Copic markers and then a bit of depth was added with coordinating colored pencils. 
Created by Michele Kovack
I added Stickles to give it a bit of sparkle and a scattering of dew drops.  I have joined the Misti bandwagon and have fallen head over heels for it!  I love that I can stamp my sentiment in a straight line rather than my usual wonky way! (Or a whole lotta prayin' and some luck! LOL)
Created by Michele Kovack
Tonight is a bitter sweet night. 
Cort graduates from her high school/Cross roads school.  This has been a school that has gone above and beyond for its students.  The staff shows such love and respect for our kids that I wish the outside world would take lessons.
I know I will be a mess tonight.  
So many changes this year for Cort.....for me. 
"How did she grow up so quickly?" 
And yet it's here.
The next chapter needs to begin......but with a few tears from this mama.


Mary O'C said...

Congratulations to Cortney! What a milestone for the whole family!

Leslie Miller said...

I love this wonderful, cheery, colorful card with the darling stamps! So cute and creative the way you put all the stamps together. Cortney looks so pretty in her grad picture. Lots of changes, and it is bittersweet as life so often seems to be.

TK said...

Such a cheery, lovely card - so sweet!
Congrats to Courtney, and her new life that the Lord has given her - she will be blessed, as will all who are around her.