Friday, April 11, 2014


Today is an important day for my family.
For many years we have been trying to get Cortney on a wait list, for a wonderful residential placement to live, as she becomes an adult.  Today we have our last interview with them,  and afterwards she will be "officially" on their wait list.  That means she could be placed a week from now, or a year from now. But the call can come at any time. It is bitter sweet for me. I know when that call comes, I will not be ready. I will never be ready.
It's hard letting go.
Giving control to someone else.
Being sure that people take care of her the way I take care of her.
But I know she will love living there. 
She is social, chatty, loves being busy, and loves her friends.
She will have a "job" there. 
She will participate in so many fun events.
She will create a life there that doesn't include me. Or her dad. Or her brother.
I know logically that this is the best place for her.
But my heart aches at the thought of it. 
I have faith that everything will fall into place when the time is right. 
It is exciting.....and scary.

I have been still pursuing the modeling for her.
I've not had any luck which I find frustrating at times.
Even this crazy guy tried to help us!  His stage name is "Can Head."  He was on the Ellen show and several other talk shows for the ability to stick things to himself, and they actually stay!  He and I ran into each other at the local Jewel. He offered to help and took some photos with Cort.  I've been e-mailing them to Ellen with Cort's story. So far no luck. I keep plugging away hoping that someone, somewhere will see her cute face and see her potential.
I know you all came here for my card, so I probably should stop rambling and get to the details!
It was a card I created when I was part of the Dirty Dozen at Splitcoast.  It was a Silhouette cut that I had added loads and loads of glitter to. A few gemstones, a great big ribbon and it was complete!
I thought it was appropriate for today.
Have a wonderful day my friends!
Thanks for listening to me!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Good morning my dear friends! I am heading to a field trip with my 5th graders to the great outdoors! (As great as the outdoors can be in the Chicagoland area!)It is supposed to be sunny and near 60, so I am thrilled that spring has finally decided to arrive! 

I found this adorable Silhouette cut designed by the talented Samantha Walker. A purse gift bag.....what could possibly be cuter? I love purses but honestly, don't have a ton of them because well, to be perfectly honest, I am just too lazy to switch purses.  I have girlfriends who change them with every outfit. Kudos to those fashion forward trend setters....but this gal...well...she uses the same purse until it pretty much just falls apart! ;)

I love that all of the details are so realistic!
I also added a rose that was also a cut from the Silhouette. I gave it a bit of color using my Tim Holtz Distress Markers.  I added a bit of ribbon and string, and a sentiment from SRM Stickers.
I am off to enjoy the fresh air, spend time with my 5th graders, and learn about the French fur trade. 
It's all good.
Have a wonderful day....and thanks so very much for visiting!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wanna Win Some Crafty Prizes?

Favecrafts is having a crafty sure to check it out HERE. 
And I am also being featured in their brand new E-book......which you can download for free HERE! :) 

I will be back with some craftiness tomorrow.....I have to prepare for our school's annual science fair tonight! ;)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Crafty Secret's Design Team Challenge and Linky Party!

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather is finally feeling a bit spring like! Today is the Crafty Secret's Design Team Challenge and linky party. The challenge this month is to create something Easter or spring like. 
I was in the mood to redecorate a bit and bring in elements of spring to my living room.
I had a stash of paper mache eggs and thought I would like to alter them.
I have 3 here, but have a couple more that just aren't quite finished yet. ;)
I nestled them in some moss and a bird's nest I purchased from Hobby Lobby. 
So here's the scoop on how I made them. I printed the paper from Crafty Secrets that I liked on regular printer paper.  The thinner the better for Modge Podging. (Yes, I totally made that a verb!)
Tear little pieces and start gluing it right to the egg.  You want to be generous with the Modge Podge....under the paper, and over the paper. (On your hands, on your jeans, on your sweatshirt...pretty soon your hands start sticking together....OH! Wait! That's just me!)
I wanted my eggs to have a realistic speckled appearance so I grabbed this.....
I placed my egg on the glass my bathtub. Yes, I said, bathtub. (It was raining and dark when I was taking one has to be creative in situations like this!) ;)  Then I sprayed.....and made a mess. 
And yes, I DID have to clean my bathtub afterwards.... 
I printed the carrots from the Bunny Hop Digital collection.  I cut them out by hand.
I wanted to give them a bit of color, so I pulled out my distress markers. 
After coloring them, I covered the tops with glossy accents and sprinkled them with Flower Soft.  The carrot was also given a coating of glossy accents for more dimension. 
Here are some close ups of my finished eggs..... 

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