Saturday, September 13, 2014

Krylon, Christmas Ornaments, and a Full Tutorial!

I was asked awhile back to create a Christmas themed project for Krylon paints.  I love making ornaments and decided to get a start on gifts for Cortney's teachers. 
I stayed away from the traditional colors of Christmas.
I went with a more vintage inspired color palette. Pinks, blues, creams, and silver. 

Here is what I did to create my ornaments. :) You will need a glass ornament, Krylon paint, and a big wad of paper towels. 
I sprayed the inside of the ornament generously.....
Shake it up a bit to distribute the paint evenly. 
Let the excess drain out on the paper towel. Find a spot where it can dry upside down.  I balanced mine on a cookie sheet and placed papertowels underneath it. I let it sit for several hours.
I wanted to add glitter to just the top and wanted a clean line.  So I taped off the area I wanted. 
I painted a coating of glossy accents
Then I sprinkled with silver glitter. 
I peeled the tape off.
I wanted jingle bells in some vintage colors so decided I could spray paint them.
I had 3 stations going.  I sprayed them, turned them, and sprayed them again.  It took about 4-5 times to get the bells fully covered. 
I couldn't leave my jingle bells "naked" so I thought they could use a bit of glitter.  
I placed a few drops of glossy accents on the bell and spread it around with my fingers.  
I dropped it in a bowl of clear coarse glitter by Martha Stewart.
I set them to the side to dry and got to work on the rest of the ornament. I tied a sheer white bow around the top.
I got my hot glue gun out and added sprigs of clear beads.
I die cut a snowflake from cream felt and hot glued it to the center of my beads. 
I wanted to continue the silver theme a bit so I grabbed some silver ribbon I had in my stash.  I think it was from Michaels.
I cut the ribbon into thin strips.  (Love the glue left on my hand!) ;)
Give it a pinch in the center...
Thread your jingle bells with white string and tie in the center of the silver bow.
Hot glue it to the snowflake.
As a last step I added a vintage posy to my bells.
And one last parting shot of the finished product.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! 
I am off to a weekend of celebrating my birthday.  
Dinner last night, dinner tonight, and dinner tomorrow....
yep I am spoiled. ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meeting a Celebrity and a Pumpkin too!

Life hasn't slowed down since we've come back from Branson.  It has been one exciting adventure after another!  I know at some point we will wake up from this dream we've been in, but for now we are enjoying the ride!  But before I go into that, I do have a crafty project to share with you.  
I created this 3D pumpkin for the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog today.  I have a full step by step tutorial over there on how I created this fall little beauty!
Totally dusted off those ole' microbeads for this project! 
The week we got back from Branson, I got a call from a friend who runs an organization called, "I am Who I am."  It is run by Holly Simon and it is all about building love and acceptance for our differently abled kids.  She was able to connect with Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland to help spread her message. 
Cortney and I were invited to come along.....seriously? Pinch me! 
Kimberly Caldwell, Jennifer Nettles.....who is next? ;) 
She is such a sweet down to earth person....and she had our kids cracking up!
Loved getting the chance to meet and photograph her that night!
I am doing a bit more photography too.  I have my first newborn session tonight.  I can't wait to meet this precious little baby girl!
Have a great day my friends!