Friday, June 29, 2012

Incredible New Product!

Good morning! I hope you grabbed a cup of coffee.....because today's post is a bit lengthy! A blogger friend of mine turned me on to this new product from Ten Seconds Studio.  It is just the coolest paint ever!  It gives the most gorgeous Patina'd look to your projects and it is super easy to do.  Let me show you what I've made first. I had this drawer shadow box I had picked up awhile ago and decided to alter it for my bedroom.  (My colors being purple and green. ; ) I chose the pictures from Cortney's photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to use this paint but wasn't sure how it would work with different items, so I just played a bit.  I "Patina'd" the two clay pots.....a resin piece from Melissa Frances, and a metal corner piece.  They all turned out beautiful!   
I added Spanish Moss and some flowers cut using my Cricut and the Flower Shoppe cartridge. And of course this sweet photo of Cort with her BFF, Patty. 
I found these dangling charms and thought they'd be perfect to tie around my clay pot.
So here is the paint in all of its zippered glory!  Sorry for the poor photo....that's what happens when you take pictures at midnight! ; )  I bought the "starter" kit that comes with 4 different colors and the Patina solution.  I purchased the spray bottle separately. 
Here are what the pieces looked like before I painted them.  Want to see what each color of paint looks like? 
The first color and my most absolute favorite color is the brown.  This is the one I used for my clay pots above. I think it is the most gorgeous color!!

The next color is black.  When sprayed it actually gives the appearance of rust.  So super cool I can hardly stand it!!!! 
The next two are so very similar....but the first one uses this copper paint.  Love the hues of green......
...and the next one uses the gold paint.  See? pretty similar to the copper, but still so pretty!
Here are all of my finished pieces.  I will be using them soon on my future projects!!!
Whew! Still with me? I hope you enjoyed my lil' "informational" post! 
Thank you for stopping by!!! 
Have a great weekend my friends!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Fudgsicle....

It is hard to believe that June is already coming to an end! This summer really needs to slow down just a bit! I've been trying to enjoy each and every day. I've been crafting a bit more, spending more time with the family, slowing down a bit to enjoy this way too short season. Nothing says summer to me more than ice cream, Popsicles, and Fudgsicles! There is nothing more refreshing than one of these cool summer treats!  I created my own version of a Fudgsicle using CCR (Cricut Craft Room) and the Sweet Shop Cartridge. It was cut at 5" and welded together.  I applied glossy accents over the entire dark brown layer to give it that chocolaty appearance.
I added flowers and leaves cut from the Flower Shoppe Cartridge. The tag was cut using the Sentimental's cartridge and the sentiment is by My Craft Spot
I even included some drip marks using the glossy know....for "realism." ; )
I took about 6 more pictures of Myla can you say "obsessed?" But I thought if I posted more here, people might unsubscribe to my blog! LOL! I do have a little photo album of her on Facebook, if you really, really want to see 'em! 
My older dog is finally coming around and they are "hanging out" a bit more together. This makes my heart happy!
Off to lunch with a few friends today and going to visit our local scrapbook store. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday! Thank you for stopping and allowing me to share those photos of my little pup!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pure Beauty

Good morning and happy Monday to you! It has been a busy weekend filled with training puppies, swimming with the kiddos, and BBQ's! I forgot how much work a new puppy can be!

 I have a LO to share with you from Cortney's prom. I hope you aren't tired of seeing photos from her dance yet! ; )I used my Cricut and the Pretty Pennants cartridge to cut lots and lots of pennants. I covered some of the pennants with Washi tape because I happened to own some in the hot pink, black, and turquoise color scheme, and wanted to incorporate it into the LO.  I used a Hambly dress form sticker, some letter beads, and kraft circles sewn together.....but can't remember off hand who those are by!

Some of my LO's make it on Cortney's bedroom wall.  She is a bit of a narcissist and loves looking at herself! ; )  So I bought several 12 x 12 scrapbook frames and hung them above her shelves. I don't use the glass because my LO's are too lumpy! ; )

Here it is framed against her blue wall. 
Here are the other two LO's......the one in the middle is a really old will be swapped out at some point. The one on the left you saw awhile ago......
Cortney has a very busy, girly, girl bedroom.....and I thought I'd give you a little tour. Since Cortney still has "tummy" time I have lots of baskets filled with her toys and books.  She crawls to them, pulls the basket out, and takes out whatever toy/book she wants to play with. She has many, many videos......too many. She has a little hand-painted doll bed and armoire for her dolly, Gloria.
She has a huge bulletin board from Pottery Barn filled with her awards, pictures, and this banner I made for her awhile back. I spelled her name a bit differently when she was born, so it isn't easy to find personalized stuff for her.  Which leaves that task to me! ; )
I also made this frame for her with all her cheer leading gal pals using my Cricut. I even made real pom poms for my tiny cheerleader in the corner!
And last but not least.......Myla has decided she likes Cortney's bedroom.  Cortney has a door that leads to our deck, that leads to our pool.  And because the door is open much of the time, a lot of sun comes through.....perfect for sunbathing. ; )
Whew! Are you still with me?  I was a bit long winded today I guess! 
Cortney is back in summer school today, and I've never seen a kid who is soooooo excited to go back! 
Have a fabulous day!