Friday, August 17, 2012

A Little More Amazing....

....Paper Grace that is! ; )  I hope you enjoyed yesterday's projects using Becca's new kit!  Be sure to stop by the JustRite blog for today's line up of designers!  I have sort of a miscellaneous card to share with you that used a bunch of odds and ends from my desk.  Some left over Cricut cuts, a frame I had painted with the Ten Second Studio paint, and this wooden silverware set that I thought was adorable but didn't know what I was going to do with it.  Then it dawned on me......a thank you card for the hostess.   
I just started layering and decided the frame was perfect for a pop of color. 

I adore Becca's line of stamps.  I used the Just the Right Words    set which has such an elegant font! 

It has been a rough week here.  I know some weeks are just like that, but this one was tough.  My van once again had to go back in to the shop, for the umpteenth the mere cost of $1200 bucks.  I know everyone has car trouble, but this van has gone above and beyond the "normal" repairs.  My dogs have been terrible this week.  (Yes, even the cute little pup!)  My older dog decided to mark his territory in my house! So not only did I have to watch the pup like a hawk, but now had to worry about Skippers. I think he is mad that she came back after her little surgery? Maybe I need a doggy psychologist! 
There was also some very sad news at our school this week.....heart breaking.
It was just a "pile up on your heart" kind of a week.....
But it's Friday.
And today the sun is out.
I am going on my "date" with the hubby tonight.
And I can't wait....
Have a fabulous weekend my friends! I love coming here to "visit" with you!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Amazing Paper Grace Kit Club

I am excited to share with you a brand new kit club designed and created by Becca Feekin for JustRite Papercraft. Like Becca, it is sophisticated and fabulous! I am thrilled to take part in her incredible journey, and know that her kits are going to be a home run every single time!  This month's kit is a must-have!  It is postage inspired.....which I love!  (Details a little further down) I decided with my kit to create a photo thank you for the gal who rescued Myla. I used many of the stamps in the kit and inked them up in red and black to match my designer paper. 
I topped it off with some paw print ribbon, a rhinestone and a bitty pearl. 

Here is what you will get in the kit.....pretty fabulous right?
Be sure to stop by Becca's blog for her story.......

To see what the other designer's have created, be sure to visit their blogs! 

Thank you my friends for your concern for Cortney.  I am glad to tell you that she has a cavity, but there will be no root canal or anything like that.  Just a "simple" filling.  (Nothing with Cort is really "simple" but it is much better than having a root canal! ; ) Thank you for your e-mails and kind comments here! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just Goofin' Around.....

Good morning friends!  I've had a little bit more time to play since I am no longer designing for Provo Craft.  It has been a bit bitter sweet, but I have to admit, I am liking the lack of deadlines and pressure.  I love being able to step into my craft room and create just for the pure joy of creating.  I am not even sure  I like this card today, but it was therapeutic to play around. I used various Spellbinder's dies and a Melissa Frances chipboard house.  
 I used this large acrylic gem for a pop of color......
Some glitter, rhinestones, and my girly, wintery, vintage house was complete! 

My dear daughter, I believe, has banged her tooth.  It is turning brown and we are going to the dentist to see what they say about it.  I am praying she doesn't need a root canal.  She has had only one cavity her entire life and that was just a simple filling.  When you have Cortney, little things can become big I am crossing all my fingers and toes that it's not as bad as I think it is! 
Off to school again.....I need to finish decorating and setting up!
Have a great day!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have a couple more SRM guest blogger cards to share with you. Today's card could be a Valentine card, wedding card, or anniversary card. I used my Cricut to cut the circle and heart shapes.  The doily is by Papertrey Ink.  And of course....the heart sticker and sentiment are by SRM Stickers.  I added a bit of tulle and an acrylic flower to give it that finishing touch! : )
The last few days had been rough for me, as I've been suffering from severe neck pain, which led to a migraine that wouldn't...couldn't go away.  I hate to admit that I probably need to see a doctor in regards to my neck, because it literally is putting me at a stand still.  I've been crabby and completely unproductive in regards to crafting or anything else.  This morning is the first morning since Wednesday that I feel like a human being again.  In any event Kyle and I went to the Renaissance Fair with my Mom and my step-dad, George. It was a bit of a push for me, but all in all, I had a good time. We watched the jousting show.....
....and were visited by some odd creatures of the forest.  ; )  If you've never been to the Renaissance Fair....let's just say it is a bit unusual.  You're not really sure who works there and who's visiting because just about everyone dresses up. 
I fit right in, don't I? ; )
The four of us right after having our lunch.....I should have taken a picture of the "wenches" who came to visit....but I didn't. Not sure why.  I'll blame it on the 4 day old headache! 
And of all the stores there to visit and buy from, my kid (God love 'em) wanted to buy a book.  (I did a good job with him didn't I? ; ) pat, pat, pat on the back!  So that was his souvenir.  What can I say? The kid loves to read! 
Well that's all for me today.  I have a lot of catching up to do in the crafting department!  I think I will lock myself in there all day.  Okay....maybe I'll stop to feed the kids...but then that's it! ; )