Saturday, November 3, 2007

Scrapbook Sunday!

I am trying so hard to get back into scrappin. I really have a difficult time going from cards to scrap pages. Maybe it is the instant gratification of cards. Maybe I'm just weird and no one else has this problem? Anyway, this page is of my niece Katie. She is the cutest, tiniest little baby! I have been on a bit of a button craze these days. I find myself using buttons on my cards, altered projects...everything! I am loving all the vintage ribbon I bought too. The paper is a mixture of SU! and some Basic Grey. The chipboard letters have been in my scrap room forever...I think they are by Chatterbox. They came in a kit with some flowers and such.

Anyway it is 1:00 am and I am getting really tired....time to go to bed! Goodnight!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finally used my TAC stamps!!!

I went to my first TAC demo (Kimmy at Crafty Me) about 5 weeks ago and hadn't used any of my new stamps! How sad is that? Doesn't that tell you that maybe I have waaaayyyy too much stuff! Anyway, my husband needed a card for a girl at work who is having back surgery. I used my Brilliance ink on the leaves. Which by the way, I am totally impressed with these stamps! They are so easy to use and stamp beautifully!
The paper is Basic Grey and My Mind's Eye. I used hardware I bought at Archivers. I also used my Spellbinders dies for the two squares. I found a cute little leaf charm to tie to the ribbon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween pics and some pranks.....look closely at the pictures!

What a great Halloween! The weather was beautiful! Sunny and a balmy 50 degrees! We got quite the stash of candy! (5 large bags!)
Cortney was a mermaid this year and Kyle was an "Army Guy."
I would take this costume over the 50 million Jasons and Freddy Kruegers!
These are my teaching buds. I am Little Red Riding Hood. The two other teachers are Grandma and the axe man. (Although we think she looked more like a fisherman!)
Our Librarian and her cute!
This is what we found when we opened up our bathroom door.......courtesy of our dear principal!
Having lunch with a "dummy!"
AND this is what I found when I opened the refrigerator! Needless to say I yelled quite loudly...and was VERY surprised! What kind of person has this kind of humor? Wellllll the same guy who put the CPR dummy in our bathroom.....our principal! Everyone got a good laugh at my expense!!!! It was pretty funny after my heart started up again.... : )
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last year's cuties in costumes and tagged twice!

What a crappy photo of this scrap page huh? And I am a photographer? Pathetic! Actually I took this picture last year with my digital point and shoot. This is Kyle as Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean and Cortney as her favorite food.....Pizza! Get it? 2P's in a Pod? Clever huh? Hopefully I will get some decent pics of them on Halloween. We'll see.

I was honored to be nominated for the, You Make Me Smile Award by Jessica, at Wild Rose Stamper. It is so nice when people are so kind! Thank you Jessica! I have tons of people I could nominate, but I think they have all been chosen! I have so many on my favorites list as well as on my blog roll. The list grows continually! All of you women inspire me everyday! I feel out of the loop a bit these days because I haven't been able to visit each of your blogs daily. With teaching, report cards, parent conferences coming up, and my own children to tend to, life has been very hectic! So I apologize if I am not visiting as often! I try to catch up with you at least once a week!

I was also tagged by Lisa at Somewhere between "Going" and "Crazy, " to list 7 random facts about myself. I've played before, and really I am not all that interesting, but here I go:

1. I have a photography business. Did you know that? Mostly portrait work. I specialize in pictures of special needs kids. I take all the time in the world to get a good shot of them!

2. I met my husband while working the Burger King drive thru at age 16. (Almost 15 years of marriage, and we still like each other.....imagine that!)

3. I worked at a place called Survey Center in high school and though college. Yes, I WAS the annoying girl on the other end of the phone trying to set up focus groups at Navy Pier.

4. I taught at a Catholic school for one year in Chicago. (I actually loved my job, but the pay was crappy!)

5. I have been in the same size clothes since high school. (I think some areas have shifted and gotten saggy, but hey after 2 kids, I think that is quite an accomplishment!)

6. I was in show choir in high school. I wore a hideous satin green dress and had to dance (sort of....if you count what I did as dancing) and sing at THE SAME TIME!!!

7. My worst childhood memory, was when my older sister made me watch the Exorcist. I was 9. After the movie I cried all night and prayed to God that the devil wouldn't take over my body! (pretty sad isn't it? ) To this day I can't watch ANY scary movie! Thanks Lisa! : )

Monday, October 29, 2007

Birthday Card!

I went Target shopping a few days ago for my Halloween party and came across this cute adhesive paper by Autumn Leaves. I love the soft pastel colors. I stamped the cake stamp in sky blue (SU!) and used glitter to fill it in. I also cut photo turns using my long forgotten Quickutz. I glittered those too. Don't they remind you of sugared fruit? I used the Heidi Swapp Ghost star and added a button, circular rhinestone sticker, and vintage ribbon. This card was given to my MIL for her birthday.

BTW....I am reaching my 200th post! That means blog candy very soon! So keep checking back!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gearing up for Christmas!

This cute little guy is from Inky Antics. I purchased him from Eclectic Paperie. I colored him in with my Copics. I stitched him onto pink felt. The Christmas paper is from K & Company. I used my vintage ribbon from Pine. many of you know I had a 2 hour Halloween party for 20 fifth graders.....What the Hell was I thinking? It was sunny all day until it was time for the party. OF COURSE! The one thing all of them can agree on is the outdoor scavenger hunt. Which you can NOT do in the pouring rain! Soooo we tried filling time with Win, Lose, or Draw.....boooorrrring! Mummy wrap.....lasted all of 2 minutes, POP the Balloon with Your Butt game.....lasted all of 2 minutes! So what did we do for the remaining hour and 45 minutes? Wellllll we tried telling scary stories, Hot potato, and Charades. The kids were complaining they were bored and to be honest so was I. Fortunately, we got a 20 minute reprieve from the rain. So we did our Scavenger Hunt. That was the longest 2 hours of my life! I am so glad it is over!