Saturday, February 7, 2015

JustRite's February Release-Hello Buttercup!

Good morning and happy Saturday to you!
I have yet another new stamp set by JustRite to share with you this frosty cold morning!
This set is called, Hello Buttercup!
I love flowers and can't seem to get enough of them....oh...and did I mention that I am water coloring everything these days? ;)
So yet another set was embossed in white and colored with my Peerless water colors. 
I cut the image out with my Spellbinders pierced circles and Lacey circles. I stamped the sentiment in Versamark, embossed it in white, and gave it a bright orange water color wash.
I added seam binding, string, button, and a pearl. 

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Chicago was hit with about 14 inches of snow last week, and like a crazy woman I was out there in the midst of the blizzard trying to take pictures.  (without getting my camera wet!)  So here are a few that I captured.
My Bischon/poodle mix, Skippers.  He wasn't all that crazy about the snow and stood by the back door to be let into the warm, cozy house. ;) 
This little gal, Myla, LOVES the snow and couldn't get enough of it! 
We have a warm up this weekend which is causing lots of icky wet mud.  And when you have two dogs, that can be a disasterous combination!
Nothing like having to leave a beach towel by the back door to wipe 8 muddy/wet paws!
I am off to catch up on some laundry and cleaning.
Have a great weekend my friends!

Friday, February 6, 2015

JustRite's February Release-Thank You Daffodil

Are you sick of me yet? I think I broke a few records with the amount of posts I've had this week! ;) I have another new set to show you from JustRite.  It is a lovely set called, Thank You Daffodil.  I am totally addicted right now to my Peerless watercolors....and seem to be water coloring everything I can get my grubby little hands on!  I embossed the flower in white first on water color paper.  If you are interested in seeing how I created the background, you can find the tutorial HERE.  

I used a Dear Lizzy die cut and added black glossy enamel to it.  

I am going to keep today's post short and sweet...... :) 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

JustRite's February Release-Honeycomb and Whisper of Wings

Good morning! I actually have TWO cards to share with you today!  The first card uses a cool new background stamp called, Honeycomb.  I stamped it with Versamark on vintage dictionary paper.  I embossed it in white.  I then added touches of pink and blue with my Tim Holtz Distress markers.  I used the Spellbinder's Rose Creations die to create my flower.  I added a dimensional sticker, a bit  of ribbon and string, and a satin flower to finish off the card. 

I think this is just the coolest background stamp ever! (And it's on sale people!!)

My second card uses a set called, Whisper of Wings.  I am so into the feather trend these days!  I stamped each feather individually with Versamark. As I stamped each one I sprinkled it with two different embossing powders.  Either orange and gold, or pink and gold.  I added a bit of twine to look like I was tying the feathers together, and added little satin flowers.  I stamped the sentiment on clear acetate and wrapped the acetate to the back of the card to adhere.  This way no adhesive would show and the acetate sits up a bit from the card. A few gold sequins became the finishing touch. 

I truly love this set!  

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Marisa Job

Have a wonderful day my friends!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

JustRite's February Release-Morning Glory!

It is that time of the month again when JustRite releases their new stamps!  I have a gorgeous floral set called, Morning Glory.  I often like to color as a way to relax.  Sometimes in my craft room, but other times while watching TV with the family.  This is a perfect set for those of you who like to color too! I used my Spectrum Noir pencils.  I love the way they blend! 

I wanted to add a bit of dimension, so I painted some glossy accents on the flowers and added sequins and pearls to the centers.  I tied a bit of string, as I thought ribbon might be too overpowering. I also used a few sequins to finish off the card.  
Here is the set in its entirety. :)

And here are few sales that might interest you!

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And one last thing for today......I want to wish my baby a very happy 18th birthday. 
It is hard to believe that he is now an official adult.  He can vote.
He can buy lotto tickets.
He will be heading off to college in the fall. 
So proud of this young man, and so happy that I was chosen to be his mom.
Love you to pieces Kyle. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tour of my (Almost Clean) Craft Room!

I just posted some pics to FB of my room "before" I cleaned it.  (You can click HERE if curiosity is killing you!)  Let me tell you, it was NOT a pretty sight! It took me almost 4 straight days of not eating, not showering, not taking care of my kids, and neglecting most household responsibilities.  (Okay, I might be exaggerating a teeny weeny bit), but it took A LOT of time to purge, organize, and clean! 
When you craft like a tornado like me, messes are inevitable. The problem is, I never, ever, seem to clean up! I think I was heading towards an episode of hoarders! ;)

This is my main desk.  The items I use frequently are left out so I can grab them quickly.  I like being able to see everything.  (Which could be part of my problem!) 
Michele Kovack Craft Room
I took the time to organize my drawers.  This is my sewing drawer, all neat and pretty. And now there aren't any stale Doritos or a random Swedish Fish in there.  (Don't ask)
I have lots and lots of glitter.  (I have lots and lots of EVERYTHING) But I use glitter ALL the time, so I leave it out for easy access right above my desk. Plus it looks pretty sitting there in all of its sparkly glory. 
Moving down a bit is my little TV, my sewing machine, and my die cut machines.  All of my drawers are filled with buttons, stickers, vintage papers, brads, and many other misc. items.
Michele Kovack Craft Room
As you walk to the left you will see where I store my card stock.  I also have organizers above my couch with ribbon, embossing powders, sprays, paints, and yes.....MORE glitter!
And speaking of the couch....I really want to get rid of it for more cabinets, but the hubby has no idea how we will get it out of the room.  I personally wouldn't mind just taking a sledgehammer and taking it out in pieces, but he thought that was crazy.
Crazy? Maybe.
But this girl needs more storage.
If you are standing where the die cut table is, this would be your view.  I have a closet that is filled with MORE crafty supplies. And no, I didn't take a picture.  But I should have, because I cleaned that too.  It contains lots and lots of ribbon, 12 x 12 paper, and other paraphernalia. 
I also have my manual die cut machines and dies there.   
My craft room is upstairs next to my master bedroom.  When I am sitting at my desk, it overlooks my hallway that leads to the downstairs.  
Remember I said that I have ribbon in the closet?  I have two very large drawers that have Ziploc bags of ribbon.   I separated them by color.  It's not a fancy system, but it works for me. :)  
I have a pink chandelier. Need I say more?

When I saw this pink button in the tray of cream buttons, it made me smile.
I am the pink button in a world of cream colored buttons.
Or something like that.
Well, now you know where I spend most of my evenings.
It isn't a huge craft space.
It isn't very fancy.
It isn't magazine worthy, but it is my happy place.
It is where my mind can take a breather from the craziness of life,
and It is all mine. 
And before I bagged, boxed, and threw away the extra craft supplies, I rolled around in it like they were hundred dollar bills. (Because when I think about the money I've spent.......)
Okay I didn't. 
But I thought about it.

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Crafty Secret's Design Team Challenge and Tutorial!

Good morning my fellow crafty people! 
Today is Crafty Secret's design team challenge and linky party! AND I have a tutorial to boot!
I had purchased cute little Jelly Belly boxes for Valentine's Day.
So I thought it might be cute to alter them.
Because that's what I do. Take cute things and make them cuter.
I love, love, love shaker cards and made mini ones with the little jars. I filled 'em up with sequins and clear Microbeads. 
Here are the boxes I purchased in the Valentine aisle at Target.
I apologize in advance for the poor photos.  That's what happens when you take the photos at night. :)
I covered each box with musical paper from the Crafty Secret's Valentine kit. 
I printed the jars from the Button up digital set. I made them pretty small, 2 inches.

I took my X-acto knife and cut the inside out.

I am a bit X-acto knife challenged, so as soon as I had the opportunity to use my scissors, I took it!

I wanted the jar to be silver, so I used my Silver Sharpie marker to trace the outside of the jar.
I added a piece of acetate to the back of the jar, glued it, and added my magnets to hold it down until it was dry.
  I printed the flowers at a 1/2 inch so they would fit nicely on the jar.
I gave it a bit of color using watercolors.  I wasn't super neat because I knew I would be cutting the image out, and adding glitter to it.

I wanted to add a little heart to the center and used a punch and glitter. 

The most challenging part was to add the foam tape skinny enough to fit on the jar. 

Once the foam was in place I filled it with sequins and microbeads.

Then I added string, the flower and heart to finish off the jar.

Here is one more look at the final product. :)
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Chicago got about 14 inches of snow yesterday, so today the kids and I are off!  
I am thinking a pajama day is in order!