Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birthday Blog Candy and Embarrassing Moments!

In honor of my ......ahem.....29th birthday.....I will be offering some spooky Blog Candy! It includes: Making Memories 6x 6 pad of Halloween paper and brads, Daisy D's buttons, Orange Fun Flock, and two stamps.
What do you have to do? Tell me your most embarrassing moment. I could really use some giggles at the moment. I'll tell you mine...just so it is fair. Course I have many to choose from....but here is one! I was teaching my 5th grade students a few years ago when I had to leave in the morning for a doctor's appt. I swung my arms over my head to get my jacket on. (The students were watching me at this point) When one of my students raised their hand. They proceeded to tell me that I had a hole in the arm of my sweater. So being the nice teacher that I am, thanked them and continued to leave for my appt. I had one of those big loopy, chenille sweaters....remember those? Well, when I got in my car to check out this little was a HUGE gaping hole in the armpit! This entire time thinking it was just a tiny little thing! One would have thought I would have felt a breeze coming though there or something! So I went to the doc's office and proceeded to call my MIL. (She lives close by). I told her what happened, of course she was laughing hysterically on the other end....she is very supportive that way.....and brought me a new sweater. When I returned to school, the kids noticed my change in clothing....I told them I was too cold in the "holy" sweater!

So share those stories, make them up if you want to...I won't know the difference! I will hold the random drawing on Monday night. (September 10th.....My birthday!)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Was I Drunk When I Took This Picture?

I have to laugh at this picture.....How the #@! did I take this picture so darn crooked? Honestly, no alcoholic beverages were consumed at the time of this picture! Anyway, I bought this set and played around with it. It turned out ok. I've seen way cuter cards than this though....I'm telling ya...I am not happy with any of my cards lately. I'm surrounded by such talent, which should make me better.....Instead it is stealing all of my creativity, or maybe I need new eyeballs to look at my work differently! The paper for this card was Martha Stewart, and the rest....pretty self-explanatory!

By the way.....Monday is my I will be offering BLOG CANDY very soon! (I'm hoping to do some shopping on check back on September 10th for the big giveaway!) Hope all of ya have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some cards are easy.....and some take 4 days to make!

This card was about ready for the garbage! I first tried to color it using my Prisma colored pencils. For whatever reason it kept smearing the black ink and muddying up the colors. I had stamped it using the Palette Noir. Didn't look good.....threw it away! Stamped it again, and then used my Copics. This time the colors were more vibrant....almost too vibrant. I wasn't sure I liked my color choices....almost threw it away...again. Then I had this idea to use the crystal lacquer in the sepia color. It muted the bright colors and actually looked pretty good. So I took it a step further and glittered all the snow! Now mind you this was a process that took about 4 days.....Finally when all the lacquer and glitter were added, I kinda liked it. So I layered, sewed and added this pretty gold glittery ribbon....and finally it was done! WHEW! Why is it that some cards come together 1, 2, 3, and others take.....4 days?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Working Gal's Simple card!

I wanted to make a card last night...but was getting tired. Over the weekend I had colored some of the images that Florence had sent me. I really love my Prismas! So last night I pulled this little guy out and adhered him to some chocolate card stock. I layered it again on the red scalloped paper and again on the light brown. Paper was from DCWV. I distressed the layers. I wanted to sew.....but was really not in the no sewing..... I added some scalloped chocolate paper to peek out from behind and added some black sparkly dots. Then.....I added this "dog" tag. Does anyone remember these? I bought them probably 10 years ago and thought at the time how cool they were! They came with like a thousand individual words printed on "dog" tags! I am really digging into my old supplies lately! I used my Sharpie to highlight the word, heart. I added a red heart and drew a paw print on it. I also used a bit of ribbon and stamped the I and You with my Snap stamps. I think for my next blog candy which will be soon....whenever I can get my butt to the store, I am going to ask people to use some old supplies....old paper, old stamps, old start thinking!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Quick and Easy Birthday Card!

Sometimes quick and easy is all the time I have! Especially now that I am back at work. I am finding that my time is very limited. This birthday cake with by Doodlebug. I colored it in with my Copics and added Stickles to the candles. I embossed the background with my Cuttlebug, used my Marvy punches, added some yellow brads, and of course some pretty ribbon.....and voila! The card is a done deal! I hope to have time to create this week....sometimes having this blog adds some one's fault by my own I know! Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!