Thursday, November 12, 2009

JustRite....and a new hair cut!

I have been enjoying the cozy nights in my scrapbook room these last few weeks. There is something warm and inviting about going in my lil' room with my jammies on, a few snacks, and my favorite TV show on in the background. It is my release.....a chance to escape from life's demands for a couple of hours. So I've been creating....... : )

Here is a lil' card I made using my new Sizzix snowflake die, JustRite stamps, and lots of glitter! I cut the snowflake out and loved the "negative" space it left, so I decided to use it for my card. I filled it in with lots of Diamond Dust. The other snowflake was covered with Diamond Dust also, but then sprayed with a soft blue Glimmer Mist (Tattered Angels). When it was dry I inked the edges a bit to "age" it. I stamped the snowflake from the Merry Little Christmas set, on cream cardstock and cut it out using my Spellbinder's circles. The sentiment was stamped on Kraft cardstock and cut out also. I layered the circles and added a double bow behind it. The panel was pierced using my sewing machine with no thread, rather than hand piercing. (Much faster that way!)

I told you a few days ago that I was trying to decide what to do with Cort's hair......well the decision was made to go short! I really love it! It is so cute on her......or at least I think so! (I really need to learn to take her bib off before taking her picture!)

Tonight is my last Spanish class....... : )
Have a wonderful Thursday!


Heather said...

Love the card & the haircut! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh how you used the negative space of the snowflakes and then added all the Diamond Dust....what great colors and you can send me that one!! :-)

I adore Cort's hair is PERFECT!!!! She is just beautiful!!!

So glad you are taking the time to go into your room with your jammies on and create!!!! It is a great stress reliever!!!

Have a great day, sweet friend!!!!

Marcy said...

Beautiful card, Michelle! I love the layout and the non-traditional colors. Cort's new pixie-style haircut is so sweet on her too!

Cindy Haffner said...

Your card is so pretty and so is Cort!!!

Stef H said...

hey michelle! what a stunningly gorgeous card. the colors are just awesome and i love everything about it. and cort's hair is fabulous short! she's definitely a beauty - like her mom!


JustYolie said...

Cort looks so much like you! :)

Love the card!

Leslie Deering said...

She looks so cute and she stiil can out her little clip in her hair too pretty! Love all your work so very talented !

laterg8r said...

great haircut :D

love the saying on the card - beautiful :D

laterg8r said...

great haircut :D

love the saying on the card - beautiful :D

Angela S. said...

Your card is beautiful. I love those colors together. I think Cort's new hair cut look's so good on her!! tell her it's beautiful!!

Virginia said...

Aww she looks so cute and sassy! It definitely suits her!

Hearts Turned said...

How beautiful, Michele! Love that card! Cort's hair looks perfect on her. Have fun in spanish--adios!

Jessica said...

You are right about the haircut. You can see her pretty face!
I love the card too, but the haircut is way more important! lol TFS

Lynda said...

Love the haircut!!! and you card is ncie too! LOL

Darlene said...

Oh Michele .. I just love your creation but more than that I simply ADORE Cort's new do!! She's looking more like her gorgeous Mom every day and especially with this hair style! You need to have a Mom/Daughter photo done! Great choice!

cheryl said...

brilliant card so detailed great design too love the haircut too love cheryl xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelle,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your snowflake card! I may have to invest in that dye. I don't have spellbinders but maybe some day I will. I have never heard of Diamond dust. Another item I need to check out. lol I will get back into my scrapmood as soon as my room is cleaned out and I find my table again. lol

Only By His Grace said...

Such a lovely card and lovely colours.
your little girls haircut is gorgeous. such a pretty girl.
Hugs Marion

Danni said...

Your card is stunning! Oh so pretty!
Cort looks so precious!

Gabriela said...

Muchas felicidades por el hermoso corte de pelo de tu preciosa hija. Se vé lindísima!

mary stuart said...

Cort is beautiful.
and i love your snowflake card - darling!

1CardCreator said...

Love your card and Cort's hair cut is cute. That is an adorable picture of her too. ~Diane

Linda Peterson said...

Courtney is very photogenic!! Her haircut is really cute.

Jesi said...

wow! she looks pretty!

Diane Davies said...

Love the haircut! If I could wear mine like that and look that good I would! Beautiful card too. : )

Greta Adams said...

i LOVe her is perfect with her pretty lil face!!

Anonymous said...

That card is gorgeous! Beautiful colors and I love the paper piercing. I am a big fan of short hair and it's just perfect on your beautiful daughter!

Tejal said...

Its been a long time since I hopped on your blog..i usually read it on bloglines..i love the new look...and Courtney looks awesome..Makes her look absolutely gorgeous!

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