Thursday, June 6, 2013

Recycled Candle Holders....

I have a problem.  A real problem.  I have, "I can never ever throw anything away" disease.  Do any of you have the same illness?  I seriously look at everything and wonder if maybe, just maybe, I can make something out of it. ;)
I love burning candles as much as I love using glitter! So when this little cutie of a candle was finished, I was ready to throw it away.....until inspiration hit me that it would make a fabulous container. 
It's a container with a lid.  Perfect.  
I proceeded to wash it out, take, all the labels off of it, and let it dry thoroughly.  
Then I remembered how much I adore those Peony flowers I've been so obsessed with, and thought they'd be perfect to cover up the Bath & Body Works logo. 
So I made them in a variety of colors. 
Because variety is the spice of life right? ;)
So here's my first one in shades of blue......
And in orange with a hint of pink.  
My pink peony.....with strawberry designer 
And last but not least, my sunshiney happy treat container in bright yellow
I bought the candy Sixlets, which by the way, comes in a variety of colors.  I bought pretty silver ones in the wedding aisle at Hobby Lobby. I filled my containers with 'em.
 Wouldn't these make gorgeous wedding favors?  You can customize the colors to fit the theme of the wedding!
If you missed my tutorial on how to create these fun flowers be sure to click HERE!  
Cortney is involved in a huge gallery showing this Friday night in Chicago for the "Changing the Face of Beauty" campaign.  A local photographer, Michael Canavan has teamed up with 15 of our kids to photograph them and invite advertisers, modeling agents, talent agents etc. to come see the photos and meet our kids.  
I am nervous and excited to see who will be there. 
Here's hoping she gets "discovered."  

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

These containers are gorgeous. I think it's a sickness we seem to pass on - never throw anything away. Love those flowers. Good luck.

Riet said...

This so beautiful Michele.

Hugs Riet.xx

Rachele Funk said...

Too adorable for words. Makes me want to go buy a dozen candles just so I can have the jars!

Unknown said...

WOW!!! I just found your blog....your creations ate absolutely STUNNING!!!

Rea' said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love your flowers... I must try these!! Yes I have that illness too!

Pam said...

Good luck to Cortney!! She's a beauty so she should get discovered!!

Dorlene Durham said...

Well I have the same disease, but unfortunately, my stuff usually ends up in a box in my closet and forgotten. These containers are absolutely gorgeous! I can totally see them as wedding favors but it better be a small wedding. That's a lot of flower making which I still haven't tried yet...maybe this weekend :)

Sharon Wheet said...

Michele, I too have the same disease. But, I like to think that we have 'vision'. A vision to see potential!
and what a lovely way to 'dress-up' those candle holders. Love it! and very creative! TFS
hugs, sharon w.