Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall Pumpkins-Before and After!

I love taking little dollar items and altering them.  I found these white pumpkins at the dollar spot at Target. Since my living room has deep browns and a bit of red, I decided to paint them to coordinate with my decor. 
I love this dark bronze paint and decided to go with this color.  
After painting the pumpkins, I added various flowers and leaves. The flowers were cut using Spellbinder's dies. I cut several with paper and some using felt. I found these Prima felt branches and added those as well. 
 For my other pumpkin I used some book paper leaves, and a red felt flower. 
I am not good at making multiples of anything.....I think I have a touch of ADD because I get antsy and want to change it up all the time! ;) 
I am thinking next time of doing some funky fun colors, like hot pink or lime green!  Maybe for Cortney's bedroom? 
One of my pumpkins is sitting on my fireplace mantel next to the turkey.  :)
I wanted to give you a quick update on Cort's dental appointment.  Her molar did indeed crack but thankfully it was her last baby tooth!  Apparently I missed the conversation with her dentist about it (I'm such a great mom).....because who at 18 still has a baby tooth? ;)  
Thank you so much for stopping by!


Stef H said...

o my word! this is absolutely gorgeous!!! gorgeous!

wishing you a truly blessed thanksgiving!

hugs :)

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

These are stunning! I love the mixture of felt and paper flowers More texture is always a good thing. So glad Cortney's tooth was not a major ordeal.

Anonymous said...

These pumpkins are so elegant. I love that paint.

Judy Rozema said...

I love these! I may try some next year! And so happy about the tooth news -- my son is 25 and still has a baby tooth, as well as my 28 year old friend!

Donna said...

Those pumpkins are adorable! Thanks for inspiring me to look at $1.00 store finds in a new way. I would have never thought of these or the idea to paint something to match my decor. Happy Thanksgiving!

ScrapGonkowa said...

Amazing idea! I'm surprised this idea. WoW!...