Monday, April 14, 2014

Hydrangea Cupcake

I want to thank you all for your kind comments and your overwhelming support. 
Sometimes I forget that there really are people out there who read my little blog. Your kindness towards me and my daughter truly have overwhelmed me.
I felt so much love and support, and I was able to carry that through our meeting on Friday.
Our meeting went well.
Everyone loved Cortney including the other residents there.
I left there knowing that this is the right place for her. There are no immediate openings yet, but hopefully in the near future something will open up and a place will be awaiting her. 
Until then I will keep doing what I always do. Love her. Enjoy her. And appreciate the time I do have with her. Right. Now.
This little hydrangea cupcake keeps bringing that song, "Happy" to my mind. It is a pretty darn cool Silhouette cut that creates this dimensional cluster of flowers.  I decided it would make an adorable cupcake. 
I actually glued a golf ball inside the flowers to give it some weight.  I hot glued that to a half of a styrofoam ball and inserted that into the cupcake holder.  
I added a few silk flowers, ribbon, string, and of course my sentiment using my Dymo Label Maker. 
I have lots coming up this week. I am having Easter, I am having a new liner installed in my pool and having it fixed on Friday.  (Long story, but I will tell you the winter was not kind to my pool!)  Cortney is participating in a beauty pageant for special needs kids and adults on Saturday. We have one more fitting for her dress this week as well. 
I will be a busy gal for sure! 
Thanks so much for taking time out to visit me!
Have a great day!


Nadia ( said...

This is precious!
And you are an awesome mom. You inspire me.

Sis Patterson said...

I love your hydrangea cupcake - the color is gorgeous and the added golf ball weight is genius!

And I agree with Nadia, you are an awesome and inspiring mom!

~amy~ said...

That bloom is gorgeous! wow!

You're the best mom ever:)

Jamie Lane Designs said...

This is so amazing! LOVE IT!

nattyboots said...

Your Blooms are ingenious ,
I agree with all the above
You are just one fantastic Mom
Elaine H X

vdoyle8 said...

I have fallen behind on reading my favorite blogs, of which yours is one. I read today's post and then went back to find out what has been going on with your sweet daughter. Today's post resonated with me. I know how hard it was for me to take my beloved daughter to college last fall... but I'm sure it has to been even harder for you. You are in my prayers... the not knowing when the call will come is a special hell.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I am gobsmacked! That cupcake is absolutely amazing! I thought it was real frosting, Michele! You know, I have a silhouette, but I never use it. You need to come visit me so that I can begin to take advantage of all that it will do. Cutest thing ever!

Taunya Butler said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!