Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Invite Inside a Hot Dog!

Yep, an invitation stuffed inside a hot dog.  Why not?  Anything goes in crafting right? ;)
This invite was published in Northridge's Cricut Magazine. 
I love the Fast Food Cartridge from Provo Craft.  I assembled my hot dog and made sure not to glue the center at all.....only the edges behind the relish.  I wanted the "onion" to be able to slip in there easily. 
For the onion I cut an additional circle and ran it through my printer for all the details of the party. I took a soft yellow Copic marker and made my rings along the perimeter to resemble an onion.  Of course, I don't think onions usually have gingham bows and red gems....but remember anything goes in crafting! ;)
Cort and I are planning on hopping in the pool today! Nowhere to go. Nowhere to be. 
No makeup, no chasing, nothing pressing at all.....just relaxation today in our floaties!
Enjoy your day! 


Jingle said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE! So cute and creative!

Sparky said...

OMG, that's so stinkin' cute. Your guests will love getting these! Truly, Michele, I look forward to your postings and what amazing creations you've crafted and keeping up with beautiful Cortney's adventures in the modeling world. TFS!

Life and Knits said...

I so love this Michele! I am trying to think of what I'm doing for our 4th invites. These are such an inspiration. I know I've been MIA, but LIFE has me by the hair! Slowly catching up.

Take care,

scootingranny said...

Such a cute, cute invitation. So summery and just unique!