Monday, July 16, 2018

Bathroom Remodel

Good morning!
When we moved into our new town home it was "move in" ready.  However, there were still things about it I wasn't crazy about.  Like this bathroom for instance.  It is Kyle's bathroom upstairs.  I wasn't sure I liked the blue and debated about changing it. 
I really wasn't a fan of the vanity and sink combo.  But we are trying not spend a fortune that leaves us with an inexpensive solution. 
Kyle liked the blue and we found some cute bathroom decor that coordinated with the color. So what did we paint then? If not the walls?
The vanity.
Now maybe you are handy and have done this before....but me?  Never.
This was new territory.
We took the handles off the cabinets and filled them with wood putty.  We sanded the varnish off the doors, primed, and painted.  (many,many coats)  We added new hinges, and to go along with the nautical theme, we sanded the edges to give it a distressed look.
The whole bathroom looks so much more cheerful and bright!

The project took us a few weeks, but it was nice completing this project with Kyle.  

We apparently love orange....since I have it in almost every room of my house!

Just a quick before and after!
I finally took pics of my craft room and will be posting those tomorrow! 


Gloria Stengel said...

It looks great! I love the colors and the theme! We have a similar bathroom that is the kids' bath, but only used by Jonah now that the other two no longer live at home. And it is TIRED and needs an update, but we do NOT want to spend thousands remodeling! This looks like a great paint and new accessories! I am a bit nervous about trying to paint the vanity....{bites nails}.

Regina Easter said...

it looks awesome my friend....great job

Nora Noll said...

This looks fabulous!! I love that you painted the vanity. It came out beautiful!!

loudowning54 said...

What an awesome transformation! I love it.

reeree62 said...

Love it, Michele!!

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