Thursday, November 29, 2018

Big Changes!

 Good morning! 
I know you come here to see crafty stuff, but I do have to share a bit about myself. 
I am a wife, mother, teacher, crafter, and a Rodan & Fields Consultant.
I tried numerous products for my skin over the last 30 years. 
Big name brands...expensive brands. 
This was me 12 years ago. (35 years old)
It's my school picture. I had acne, redness, and already the start of wrinkles
I became a consultant in the summer of 2015. 
This is my school picture 10 years after the one above while using Rodan & Fields. (45 years old)
Acne gone, redness gone, more even skin tone, pores MUCH smaller. 
Compliments on my skin from complete strangers. 
Family and friends took notice! 
This is me at the age of 47.  I know that age is inevitable, but why rush it? Why not have the best skin you can?
We offer 4 regimens based on the most common skin issues.
They have a 97% effective rate, plus a 60 day money back guarantee. 
Right now until Dec. 3rd, if you sign up as a preferred customer and purchase a full regimen,  you will receive a FREE eye cream. ($65 dollar value)

We also offer Lash Boost.  I am blond, so my lashes were short and thin, 
Now (you might be able to see in the last two pics) they are so much longer and thicker!! 

If you are interested in seeing which product would be best for you, please click on the Solution Tool. It will ask you a few questions and then recommend a regimen.  
If you would like to hear more or have any questions, please email me at

Let's get your skin in shape for the holidays! :)

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