Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Birthday!

We have a very special birthday in our house today!  Nope, not the kids or hubby, it's actually the dog. ;)  Myla is one today!  So to honor her special day ( I know I am completely crazy!), I thought I'd share a card I made for Northridge Publishing's Cricut Magazine. It is a card more suited for a young man, not a dog! But I didn't actually make my dog a card.....she'd probably eat it anyway! ;)
I added a few fun little features, like a rhinestone for the headlight and a piece of vellum for the ray of light.
And being the nutty dog owner that I am, I had to take some pics of the birthday girl with her guy.  Kyle really wanted Myla, and it has been such a great relationship to watch grow. If he goes into a room without her, she sits in front of it, barks, whines, and scratches the door.(I think he secretly does it, because it makes him feel good that she misses him!)  They are settled into a routine, and it is cute to see them together. 
She is quite a character, with lots of personality. 
Happy Birthday sweet girl!
I have an incredibly busy weekend ahead of me!  Tonight is Cortney's Ability Expo.  We will have a booth with all of her modeling pictures, ads that she has been in recently, magazines, etc.  It is a chance for all the kids with different abilities to show off their talents!  
Tomorrow she is being fitted for a new portable stroller.  It is a stroller for big kids, it folds down, and is a bit more portable to lug around.  (Think vacations and such!)
Sunday we are headed to the American Girl Doll Store with her friends.
I swear my girl will be 46 and we will still be going there! LOL!
 AND I will have lots of JustRite and Crafty Secret's projects coming up next week.  Check back on Sunday for my first project!


Jingle said...

You are not crazy! Puppy birthdays are very important! And your card is adorable!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

Super cute card Michele! And Happy Birthday to your sweet puppy! Love those photos!!!

Melissa said...

My dog gets a birthday cake! Enjoy your week end. American Girl Place is super fun-

Regina said...

Happy Birthday Myla! Today is my birthday too. Not telling how old but a lot older then Myla. The car is perfect. I had to take my drivers test last week and "yes" I did pass. Wasn't easy! Have a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Myla. Dogs are wonderful and great to have them as part of your family. My mom and dad made my miniature schnauzer a canopy bed, all in pink. I crocheted her special blankets. I had her for over 14 years. I lost her 2 years ago and still miss her.
Love the card. My favorite part id the "light" from the headlight.

C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

Cute as always! We have a little dog too and go all out for his bday and at Christmas.


by the way, I left a treat for you on my blog... check it out!

Amy Johnson said...

This is just too cute! Love the vellum head beam and rhinestone light, and your dog is cute too!

Sis Patterson said...

Great photos of Kyle and Myla and how wonderful to hear of the special bond between the two.

I hope Cortney's Ability Expo went well!