Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Very Mice Christmas Box!

 Good morning! It has definitely been feeling more like Christmas instead of fall around here! We just had our second snowfall of the year and the temps are only in the teens! (Yikes!) 
So I've decided to embrace it and watch the Hallmark Christmas movie channel and create!
I simply adore the Mini Treat Box die from Whimsy Stamps!It truly is the perfect size for little treats.I paired it with their November release, Very Mice Christmas. (Even the name is cute!)
I colored the image with Copic markers and cut it out using the Stitched Circle die.  I stamped the sentiment on a jewelry tag. I added gingham ribbon, and a couple of red teeny flowers.  
Thank you for stopping by!
*NEW Very Mice Christmas Clear StampsMini Treat Box DiePierced and Stitched Circles Die SetMemento Full-Size Ink Pad - Tuxedo BlackCrafty Foam Tape White


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